THE METAL DEN – Celebrates Its 11 Year Anniversary Today!



Den Headz, TMD was created back on this date in 2005 on Myspace. Thanks to the people/bands that have supported this site over the years!

TMD Rocks!
Rocket Rules!

Creator & Editor In Chief, Randy “Rocket” Cody, adds:

“Den Headz, today marks the 11 year anniversary of my creation THE METAL DEN. With 15,417 posts and millions upon millions of page views at, TMD has become one of the premiere names in online Heavy Metal news. The journey for me has been a lot of fun no doubt. Truth be told, I never expected to be working as a rock journalist/promoter for this long but I guess it beats actually having to punch a time clock and get hassled by a boss!! LOL I want to thank my partner on the dot com, Eddie, for having my back all these years. I want to thank my lovely wife Hope for being my number one fan. Without your loyalty and support, baby, I would be lost. I want to thank Dimebag Darrell for being such a huge inspiration to me. My wife and I met through our common love of PANTERA’s music via Myspace back in 2006 when I had only first begun this journey.”


“Also I want to thank Liz over at Earsplit PR for helping me set up the best interviews in the game! I have met so many cool people over all this time, hanging out at shows backstage or doing shots at the bar, partying in hotels or at clubs like the House of Blues, that it’s fucking impossible to sit here and mention everyone by name. I can tell you that I have lost many many friends to drug overdose since I began TMD, and I have seen hundreds of bands come and go… but one thing has always remained the same, my love for this kind of music grows bigger each year. My belief is that even at 45 years old it’s important to me that I continue to help keep it going in a positive direction that will allow new bands to be heard. TMD is all about the future and the limitless possibilities!!! Too much ugly and sad things happen all around us each day. Music is one of the best outlets to just escape from the madness. Thanks for your support!!”


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