STITCHED UP – Debut New Single

Austin, Texas metallic trio, STITCHED UP, released the single “David Carradine” via all streaming platforms. The song is the fourth single release from their upcoming, sophomore album Jupiter Jazz And The Suicide Cult. “David Carradine” is a mix of scraping groove in the vein of ‘90s bands such as Pantera, Meshuggah and Sepultura with components of more traditional metal and thrash. Chris Rogers (bass) and Matthew MacMorran (guitar) vocalize aggression in varied, hardcore tones.

The song was named after the actor. It features samples from David Carradine in his starring role in the 1975 film Death Race 2000. Carradine committed suicide in 2009. The lyrics are a commentary about suicide.

Vocalist/bassist, Chris Rogers comments on the meaning of the song:

“David Carradine” is about being caught in between the purgatory pleasures of heaven and hell. The song is wrapped in many stories that have involved different types of suicide from celebrities to loved ones I’ve known throughout my life always ending in the question as to why these people took their own lives. There are many theories that surround celebrities’ deaths nowadays. You never know what truly is going on behind another human being’s mind. One day you could be laughing with them and the next day they could be gone. Some people use drugs, sex, and violence as a form of pleasure like death, knowing their is a high chance it will kill them, but just for that brief second of ecstasy it’s worth escaping their own prison.”

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