ROCKET SPITS: The Metal Den Update


Den Headz!

I hope all of you are having a devilish April Fool’s Day.

It was one helluva month in March for The Metal Den and the official TMD site I started
up back in 2007 with partner Eddie Karam of The Edge Factory.

Our mission all along has been to offer the best possible heavy metal news site
for the masses.!

TMD news is currently being read in 125 different countries.

TMD’s official site received over 70,000 page views from 37,000+ visits around the world
in the month of March/2010 alone. Those are record numbers!

View TMD’s official web traffic report here.

Thank you to all the devoted Den Head readers around the globe
for making this possible!

I want to also thank all the online metal band/news/radio sites around the globe that have
been publishing my articles on great acts and talents like METALLICA, GN’R, OZZY,
Randy Rhoads, Cliff Burton, PANTERA, DOWN, LAZARUS A.D., WARBEAST, and all of
the hot upcoming “unsigned” talent that TMD promotes at the HOTTEST metal
news site on the planet.

I can’t cover every single credit (there are so many of you!! lol )… but here goes…

Thanks to…

DailyRadar’s “RevolverBlips”, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, SMN News,, Metal Headz Asylum, Alabama’s Rock 105.9, Sacramento’s Eagle 96.9,, MetalBuzz Report,, Metal rules, Missoula, Montana’s 96.3 The Blaze… Alabama’s Rock 105.9, LAZARUS A.D., Cali’s 100.1 The Edge, DOWN NOLA, Mississippi’s 97.9 WCPR, Billings, Montana’s Rock107.5, the Music Industry Report,, Dallas Morning News, USA Today online, NPR online, IndiaTimes. GearsOfRock,, KFLY 101.5, Bruce Corbitt and WARBEAST, Kate Richardson and Philip H Anselmo of HO– USECORE RECORDS, Flint, Michigan’s 101.5,, Abrexa, Krush Radio, Rock Star Fans, imagine wonderland , The OZfm, musichawk, Eddie Trunk (of “That Metal Show”)toomuchnews, MUSICBLIPS daily radar, Brazil’s, SEDNA, beatcrave,, Bruce Kulick (KISS/GFR), Red Rocket Entertainment, Randy Rhoads Forever on Facebook and Randy Rhoads Society on Facebook, Guitar Edge, Ultimate Guitar, Music Radar, Baltimore Examiner, The Rock Radio, Viewzi, and Fixion media for our great new site ads!

As you can imagine, this is a very exciting time for The Metal Den
as we grow towards becoming the undisputed king of heavy metal
news sites.

I have achieved so much more than I ever imagined with my work
at TMD since I created it in Feb/2005 – and I cannot wait to see what the
future holds for us all.

In closing, I send out the biggest thanks to my wonderful wife, Hope,
and my entire family.

As Ozzy always says…

“I love you all”,

Randy “Rocket” Cody
Creator, TMD


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