MEGADETH has definitely made a comeback statement with “Endgame”, comprised of eleven rocking thrash tunes that are undoubtedly Dave Mustaine at his pissed off best. Tracks like “44 Minutes” and “This Day We Fight” are eerily reminiscent of 1992’s epic Countdown To Extinction, showing us all that the old man does still have a few tricks up his sleeves. What I like most about the effort here from Dave and company is that it gets away from the slower, ballad-like tunes that would normally litter a 21st century era Megadeth CD, but this one is more like an end of the world battle going off at a flaming sunset. Endgame is gloriously catchy, and groovy-as-all-hell, nicely woven together with multiple guitar solos. It truly is hard to keep up with Mustaine and Broderick’s dual guitar wizardry from one song to the next. My favorite song is “Bodies”, which has a really monsterous riff that only Mustaine can truly muster and it just makes you feel nearly twenty years younger all over again, time warping back to when you were banging your head at one of the classic Ellefson/Menza/Friedman era Megadeth shows. The new lineup really deserves a lot of credit for pulling off such an amazing feat. The best is saved for the title track “Endgame”, which just kicks you in the nuts with its mind numbing musical greatness from start til its brutally technical end.


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MEGADETH – “Endgame” (CD)

(Roadrunner Records/2009)

1. Dialectic Chaos

2. This Day We Fight!

3. 44 Minutes

4. 1,320

5. Bite The Hand

6. Bodies

7. Endgame

8. The Hardest Part of Letting Go…Sealed With a Kiss

9. Head Crusher

10. How The Story Ends

11. The Right To Go Insane

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