ROCKET REVIEW: FEAR FACTORY – “The Industrialist” (CD)


American industrial metal act FEAR FACTORY return in 2012 with more brutal tunes for the devoted via their latest collection of face killers entitled The Industrialist. After the dust settled when Raymond Herrera & Christian Olde Wolbers departed the lineup and original lead guitarist Dino Cazares returned to record 2010’s epic Mechanize with old pal, vocalist Burton C Bell, it was clear that FF was finally back on track. This reviewer has been a longtime fan and expects nothing but high level production and writing on this collection of songs. Can they still keep that incredible new momentum going or have they run their course?

The Industrialist teams them up again with producer/band keyboardist Rhys Fulber. The Industrialist takes the listener on a journey by way of its conceptual record based theme based from a story written by vocalist Bell. As you learn, The Industrialist is an automaton, and it is the protagonist of the story. The Industrialist is in essence the incarnation of all industries in the form of an automaton. All advances through the mechanical, technological, and scientific areas of the world via the Industrialist age is what has led to the creation of The Industrialist. So what was basically supposed to help man, will eventually be what destroys man. Get it?

There are also other automatons appearing throughout the story, which weaves in and out of the trademark riffing of Cazares and Bell’s throat searing vocals. Fulber on keyboard adds the perfect chaotic atmosphere. No drummer was used on the album, with the band instead opting for programmed drums with help from John Sankey of Devolved and the bass guitar is supplied by Cazares as well. My personal favorite tracks are “The Industrialist”, “Recharger” and “Depraved Mind Murder”. While the album is not as heavy as the last one, the overall result I feel still puts FEAR FACTORY amongst the most important bands of metal today.


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FEAR FACTORY – “The Industrialist” (CD)

(Candlelight Records/2012)

1. The Industrialist
2. Recharger
3. New Messiah
4. God Eater
5. Depraved Mind Murder
6. Virus of Faith
7. Difference Engine
8. Dissemble
9. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed
10. Human Augmentation

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