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Australia’s BORIS THE BLADE are one of the meaner deathcore acts to emerge in recent years and they come out swinging to back it up with their new album released in 2017 entitled ‘Warpath’, the follow up to their 2014 debut LP ‘The Human Hive’, and this new collection of songs offers up even more slamming grooves. It is easy to see why they are moving up the ladder so fast in the Australian brutal music scene. Like THY ART IS MURDER, whose vocalist Chris “CJ” McMahon does a guest vocal spot on track three’s crushing “Misery”, this band truly knows how to deliver dark, sonic punishment.

The rhythm section of bassist Coby Chatz and Karl Steller on drums are heavy as hell, caving in the side of your head on the album’s equally awesome title track and “Backstabber”, an absolute pile driver of pure intensity and my favorite song out of them all. The precision-like guitar duo of Josh Lording and Cameron Eyre pummel you with one face cutting riff after the next, and the skull rattling screams of vocalist Daniel Sharp only make the music sound more sinister. Although there aren’t really any extended guitar solos to speak of, there are nonetheless some really powerful moments in the next cuts “Nihilst” and “Omens”, followed by the bludgeoning “Paralysed” and “Thorns”. The final track “Solace” is even more grim sounding if that’s even possible. I feel with a bit more depth in the execution of the music, meaning include more complex sections between guitars and rhythm, mainly via guitar soloing, which will only help you sound more technical and gain you more respect from the most hard to please extreme metal fans.

3 and a half stars
BORIS THE BLADE – “Warpath” (CD)

(Siege Music/2017)

1. Warpath
2. Backstabber
3. Misery
4. Nihilist
5. Omens
6. Paralysed
7. Thorns
8. Devastator
9. Elixir
10. Solace

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