ROCKET Interviews Dino Cazares of FEAR FACTORY (AUDIO)


Randy “Rocket” Cody of The Metal Den has conducted a phone interview with lead guitarist Dino Cazares of Los Angeles, California industrial metal act FEAR FACTORY. Here are a couple excerpts from the discussion:

TMD: Who are some of your biggest guitar playing influences?

DINO: Two people, Angus Young… and Eddie Van Halen. Well, Angus, when I was first 8 years old… I mean, that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to play guitar and perform like Angus.

TMD: Would you say Al Jourgensen has been a big influence on FEAR FACTORY?

DINO: Al was living in Chicago (during the 90’s) and he is in El Paso, Texas now…but yeah, he was definitely a big influence on us.

Listen to the audio interview HERE!

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