ROCKET – “A New Level Of Globalist Scum” (Feat. DIMEBAG)

TMD’s creator, Randy “Rocket” Cody, has uploaded a new diss track in response to the vile photo comedian Kathy Griffin posted of her holding the bloody decapitated head of US President Donald Trump.

Rocket comments:

“The song is titled “A New Level Of Globalist Scum”, and it’s dedicated to all the never-Trump Cucks all around the USA who sold out to communist China!! It features the late Dimebag Darrell on guitar and me on lead vocals. This track is basically a totally off the wall treatment of PANTERA’s “A New Level” but with a political twist. As for all the Trump haters, you people are a disgrace to all of your past family who fought in war to keep liberty going strong so you would even have a country to live in!!”

“Yet you are going to behave like spoiled little bitches because your fat and haggard candidate Hillary Clinton lost? You are all a joke. I wanted to throw down this new diss track as my way of saying “Fuck You” to that wannabe skank & never was nobody in the first damn place Kathy “No Holes Barred” Griffin. I for one am not gonna stand around and take this shit any longer! I support President Trump and all of our American soldiers, you know the ones that Obama failed to take care of and now 22 per day are committing suicide in America on average. When is the madness going to stop?”

Rocket’s debut solo album is slated to release on Halloween (Oct 31, 2017) via The Metal Den Records.

“A New Level Of Globalist Scum”

Lyrics by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Fuck The Hollywood Elite
You aren’t gonna tell me how to think!
I don’t give a fuck about what you preach
You ain’t nothing but commies and muslim sympathizers
Fuck Kathy Griffin , that skull fucked whore

You don’t want walls
yet hide behind your Beverly Hills security fence!

You are traitors against your own country!

Steven Colbert is a fake news anchor
Brian Williams is a liar
CNN stands for Clinton News Network
You steal from the poor and the veterans
And charge college speaking fees, you should not charge anything, YOU CROOKS!!

A New Level Of Globalist Scum X2

Off with your head!

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