RED FANG – New Song Premiere

RED FANG has unleashed a new song by the name of “Stereo Nucleosis” streaming via YouTube above. The band have some more new music in the works at the moment.

“In 2005, David Sullivan, Maurice Bryan Giles, Aaron Beam, and John Sherman consolidated their powers to form Red Fang. They played their first, legendary show on the final night of that year, welcoming 2006 with buckets of sweat and splinters of destruction. Exactly one year later, they were opening for the Melvins and Big Business. In their previous bands, the members of Red Fang created difficult, complicated, challenging music. With Red Fang, they take a different approach, returning to what initially inspired them to form bands – heavy, exciting, sometimes threatening music that at first appears simple and straightforward, but whose sophistication reveals itself upon repeated listening. The progenitors were bands like Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Slayer, and the Melvins, but there are a crop of contemporary bands that exhibit the same inspirational combination of heaviness, deceptive simplicity, and catchiness – Hot Snakes, Big Business, the Melvins, and Queens Of The Stone Age. It is Red Fang’s goal to create music that, as writer Lance Chess describes, “appeals to both the thinking and the banging head.” They do not restrict themselves to any particular genre, instead playing what they enjoy…badass, heavy music.”

– Metal Storm

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