POWER TRIP – Working on New Music

POWER TRIP – Working on New Music

Since the passing of POWER TRIP‘s vocalist Riley Gale in 2020, there have been rumors that the band might continue, but no specific details have been announced. In an interview with Daniel Dekay of Knotfest, guitarist Blake Ibanez has offered up some more insight into the band’s future.

While staying careful not to reveal too much, Ibanez said that he and drummer Chris Ulsh have been working on new material.

Ibanez shared:

“There’s… I guess you can call it a record. There’s a bunch of stuff out there. That’s really all I can say. I don’t know. I can’t really say too much.”

When asked for more, he said:

“We’ve been working really hard on it. Me and Chris, we have great chemistry and the same thing we’ve always done when we make records together. The same vibe is there. I’m really proud of the stuff we’ve written together. So I’m looking forward to that. I don’t know when everything’s gonna happen, but I’m looking forward to it.”

You can watch Knotfest’s interview with Ibanez below.

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