NERVOSA – Two Band Members Quit

Brazilian thrash act NERVOSA (Napalm Records) have announced the departure of both bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto. Guitarist Prika Amaral vows to continue on with new members.

A statement from Amaral reads as follows:

“Despite all the rumours Nervosa will continue!

“Fernanda and Luana are no longer part of Nervosa, they decided to leave the band. There are many reasons and each one of us has their own but since 2 years Nervosa has not been the same and we were all trying to keep the band alive, each of us doing their best, without exceptions. We want to give the best to our fans and that is simply not possible anymore!

“Nervosa would like to thank everybody that were a part of the band for the dedication and wishes the best of luck!

“Please stay tuned, the new members and many other news will be announced soon! Thanks for all the support!”

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