NAGLFAR – Debut New Music Video

NAGLFAR has posted a video for “Vortex of Negativity,” a new track from their upcoming album, Cerecloth (due out May 8). Check out the music video above.

“Here it is: Our second video, ‘Vortex of Negativity’, from our upcoming album, ‘Cerecloth’. Once again we worked with Arevärn Films to visualize the apocalypse, and we are very pleased to finally be able to share it with you,” says Naglfar of the new clip.

“Originally named “Uninterred,” Swedish black metal band Naglfar was started in 1992 by vocalist Jens Rydén and bassist Kristoffer Olivius, and has its roots in the era’s convoluted post-thrash scene. They were soon joined by guitarists Morgan Hansson and Andreas Nilsson, and, for a time, Nocturnal Rites drummer Ulf Andersson also lent a hand, but 1994’s Stellae Trajectio demo was eventually recorded with a drum machine. A human drummer, Mattias Holmgren, was in place by the time of 1995’s Vittra debut album, which was released by Wrong Again Records to mostly positive reviews. Still, neither it, nor its belated follow-up, 1998’s Diabolical (featuring new drummer Mattias Grahn), managed to stand out amid the stiff competition of the day, so Naglfar busied themselves with touring, embarking on a European tour supporting American deathsters Deicide later that year. The next half-decade was spent in flux: occasional major festival and tribute album appearances, punctuated by lengthy periods of inactivity. Hansson was replaced by guitarist Marcus “Vargher” Norman (ex-Bewitched) in the year 2000. Despite these chronic setbacks, Naglfar eventually struck a new deal with metal powerhouse Century Media in 2002, and after revving their long-silenced engines with that year’s Ex Inferis EP, they finally delivered their third album, Sheol, in 2003. Pariah arrived in 2005, followed by Harvest in 2007.” – All Music

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