MÖTLEY CRÜE – Announces The McRib “Piece Of Your Action” Challenge!

MÖTLEY CRÜE – Announces The McRib “Piece Of Your Action” Challenge!

MÖTLEY CRÜE is celebrating their 40th anniversary as the world’s most dangerous rock band and while Crue fans anxiously await the boys return to the stage in 2022, they can now take part in a nationwide promotional campaign that is allowing fans to enter into the band’s saucy “Piece Of Your Action” challenge. Always known for taking a walk on the wild side, Vince, Nikki, Tommy and Mick will be back better than ever next year. In the meantime, they are asking their most devoted supporters to show out in force at all local participating McDonald’s locations.

Mick Mars comments:

“Grab a McRib for everyone in your family and blast some Crue music, because having fun and rocking hard is what life is all about. I’m not afraid to admit that I love eating McRib sandwiches and anyone who has a problem with that can kiss Vince Neil’s big fat ass!”

Believe it or not, recently Vince Neil was named by McDonald’s to be the company’s brand ambassador during the McRib promotion. His first TV spot will debut on Halloween in limited parts of the United States.

Vince Neil comments:

“The other day I broke a few of my ribs falling off the stage during a solo concert performance and the first thing I told my lady that I wanted was a McRib sandwich. She called McDonald’s and they made sure a bag of McRib’s got delivered to my house later that night!”

Although The McRib officially goes on sale Monday, some McDonald’s restaurants have brought it back early.

USA TODAY spotted the cult favorite on the fast-food chain’s app in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City using the menu feature. McDonald’s has said the sandwich returns Nov. 1 at participating restaurants nationwide.

But unofficially, some McDonald’s locations have reportedly brought it back days ahead of the planned release.

The McRib – seasoned boneless pork, tangy barbecue sauce, onions and pickles on a hoagie-style bun – first launched regionally in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981, the same year that Hollywood misfits Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars created rock n roll’s most dangerous band: MÖTLEY CRÜE.

Tommy Lee adds:

“The craziest Crue fan who eats the most McRibs in one sitting and shoots video of the entire thing just needs to post it on our band’s Facebook page. The winner will get to party with me, Nikki, Vince and Mick after a concert in 2022 that you and a friend will also be given tickets to attend our big comeback as special VIP guests!”

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