METALLICA – Rare 1982 “Sucking My Love” Demo


TMD has unearthed another one of the earliest METALLICA demo tracks ever. It is a recording of DIAMOND HEAD’s “Sucking My Love”, featuring Dave Mustaine on guitar, Ron McGovney on bass, Lars Ulrich on drums and James Hetfield on vocals. Official METALLICA historian Bob Nalbandian states it for the record:

“For METALLICA fans, this was definitely the rarest, and earliest, material to ever surface. No one knew this recording even existed, since original bassist Ron McGovney had the only copy of this garage practice session (this tape was too crude even be labeled a demo!). The tape features the Diamond Head covers “Sucking My Love,” “Helpless” and “Am I Evil” (the latter two which Metallica later re-recorded and released commercially), and their very first original tune, “Hit the Lights.” Recorded in Ron’s garage in March of ’82 (two months after the band was formed) by suspending a $49.00 ghetto blaster in the air, and with James singing through the guitar amp, this is surprisingly a great recording for using such primitive means! James’ voice was very high at the time [and more than likely, so was Dave Mustaine! – Ed.] and Lars’ drumming sounds like hoof beats. Nevertheless, the band sounds tight for only being together for two months. Dave Mustaine performs all the guitar work on this rehearsal tape (James was only singing at the time), showing that he was quite advanced for a nineteen year-old guitarist from Orange County!”

Listen to the extremely rare track below!

In other METALLICA-related news, a rare version of the track “Hit The Lights” — featuring guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, and their friend Lloyd Grant guesting on lead guitar — appears on the Metal Blade Records 20th anniversary box set. A different version to the one that appeared on the CD release of the very first Metal Massacre compilation LP (which included appearances by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney), this early recording only appeared on the first few thousand vinyl copies of Metal Massacre and was subsequently removed from the album in favor of the other, more widely-available version.

44 comments to METALLICA – Rare 1982 “Sucking My Love” Demo

  • ROGER  says:

    Did Diamond get royalties off of The Four Horseman?If not they should.

  • Yomama99  says:

    Wow…sounds like 2010 Metallica 🙁

  • I'm right  says:

    MetallicA lost it’s way after the black album, they’re too commercial and have been for over a decade now and aren’t even “METAL” they’re grown up dudes trying too hard to be something they’re not, bands like MegadetH, iced Earth and Iron Maiden and many other bands kick MetallicA and Larz ass LOL yea Larz Miss troll boy 101, I suggest MetallicA go back and get some more counseling on how to become better musicians and to down their EGO’s

  • Lou  says:

    Sound like the same production as on Death Magnetic

  • mike  says:

    First of all, The black album is way to commercial, second of all who cares that they are trying to make money. Thats what life is about, money! Anyway i think its pretty cool that this recording was found, sounds like balls, but at least we get to hear some Dave on the guitar. I just wish Jason was still the Bassist, the knew guy Blows.

  • Cletus Slackjaw  says:

    I bet you kids don’t even know what a cassette tape looks like.

    “Metallica sold out. Boo hoo! They should have just made ten Master of Puppets albums.”

    Now shut up and go watch american idol!

  • alpha male  says:

    this BLOWS so fucking bad. horrible. awful. nothing like metallica i have heard long ago. they suck putrid rotting necrotic cock.

  • Trin  says:

    I wish every Metallica song sounded like this.

  • ARealMetallicaFan  says:

    What’s wrong with you morons is that you fools are stuck in the 1980’s. Get the fuck over it. Jason was awesome, but you guys miss the point. They can’t repeat the past. First, Cliff isn’t here anymore, so they can’t make the same sound of the first three albums. Second, you are comparing the band, which is closely pushing 50 to the band back in the 80’s, which isn’t fair at all. They can still run circles around any thrash metal band. Why won’t you bunch of little thirteen year old wimps find something better to do than bash the same band over and over for the last fifteen years. Metallica surely did their job, pissing you off. HAHAHAHA! I gladly stand beside them to piss you off too. Fuck off and get a damn life!

  • Rapid1  says:

    Sounds more like St. Anger than DM – actually, sounds better than St. Anger really. Mustaine sounds not bad and this is probably the only time you’ll hear Metallica bass prior to the black album…

  • reefugy86  says:

    Yo- I’m right on- did Metallica, Ozzy, and Iron Maiden get together and unanimously vote you as the one that decides what is metal or not? No, they didn’t- you are just some random guy hiding under the moldy, urine soaked blanket of anonymity. Your opinion amounts to a sad, lonely drunk in a dive bar on the outskirts of the desert who’s hogging the mic, slurring out a butchered renditon or “IBrick” by Ben Flds Five.

    Who are you to tell the band to go become a better band? Talking down to them as if you’re Nathan Explosion- what have you made? What songs have you put out? None? or at least nothing that was famous? Nothing that anybody beyond your mom heard? Yep- thats what I thought. You again prove to be an over-opinionated nobody.

    Also- get your facts straight jackass. Metallica has had Thirteen number 1 singles, whereas your precious Iron Maiden has only cranked out one, and Megadeht a flat ZERO. Numbers speak for themselves- Metallica is by far the better band, again proving that you’re not only an over-opinionated twerp, you don’t know jack about your favorite bands. Dumbfuck.

    One last thing- Metallica is a popularity monster of a band with far more fans than you could count. Fans want shitty merchandise with their favorite band logo. Metallica is commercial because the fans are. Don’t blame a shortfall of the masses on a band.

  • Shawn  says:

    This is better than current Metallica. The guys have lost thier passion. The last few albums have sounded like contrived crap, thrown together to simply fill an hour or so of a c.d. St Anger had to be the most terrible album by a hall of fame caliber band in ages. They are turning into Kiss. They seem to care more about money and marketing than fans, and great songs. First they booted Jason from a successful combo. Even though the guy was the coolest fan friendly member of the band. How long before Hammett is booted too. They bring in Robert to fill a spot on stage. The guy’s image doesn’t even to begin to match Metallica’s. It’s as if they think the guy looks bad ass enough to hoist thier poorly written new music to a much heavier caliber. It is sad to watch the demise of a legendary band, Especially at thier own hands.

  • james jasman  says:

    WOW!!!!…….i can hear riffs in this song that eventually evolved and became incorporated into other songs like “seek and destroy”, “metal militia” and “the phantom lord”.
    wrong guys!!!!!……..each one of their albums has a totally distinct sound of their own……….albeit, ” “Load” and “Reload” sound very similar.
    with “Death Magnetic” it’s obvioius that they took a giant step back to “…And justice for all” and progressed the music from there.
    judging by the “critics” comments in this post……….we can see who plays music and who plays airguitar.

  • Cletus Slackjaw  says:

    You little chump-munchers crying about the “new bassist” need to change your diapers. Suicidal was f’n bad ass! Mr. Trujillo was the only one capable of stepping into Jason’ shoes. What? Did you want Justin Timberlake to join?
    Go listen to nickle back you little nancy-boys! POW!

  • Brian  says:

    I agree with Reefugy86 100% What band do you know out there, regardless of genre, level of fame, or longevity in the music business has NOT changed themselves over the years. MAYBE only a handful. No band is ever going to appease 100% of the masses. They will always create some kind of controversy, one or the other. But I think that is how you know you have stood the test of time. Not just by your music, but the fact that people will be talking about you for years to come, whether good or bad.

    As far as Metallica’s music goes…IMO, they have earned their right to change their sound over the years. I will agree with ANYONE about St. Anger, they blew it on that one. Hiring Bob Rock over the years proved to be the biggest mistake the guys made. The one thing that I cannot seem to understand is why people think that the downfall of Metallica started with the Black Album. WHY? “Nothing Else Matters”? Thats ridiculous. The Black Album was the one album that ANY band needed to transcend themselves into mainstream popularity. Now, with me saying that, I’m sure somebody is gonna say “Ya, thats when they “SOLD OUT”. Ya, your right…they started selling out show after show after show after show. Admit it, up until the BA, only true metal fans only gave a damn about Metallica.

    Whether you people that want to talk shit about Metallica like it or not, they were considered one of the “Big Four” of thrash for a reason and will be for all-time. And let this little theory marinate for a little bit as well, PEOPLE AGE, THINGS AGE…you can’t possibly expect Metallica to have stayed the same way they did for going on 28 years now. You have to broaden yourself as you mature…not just as an artist, but as a person as well. To me, Metallica will go down as one of the greatest “MUSIC” acts of all-time for their music, longevity, and ability to stay relevant in our minds as long as they make music.

  • mrha  says:

    That sounded like Kirk Hammett, not Mustaine. Was it him?

  • Chris  says:

    Trujillo was the bass player for Randy Rhodes. I’d say that’s pretty good pedigree. Most Metal music fans will tell you we/they miss Burton. Trujillo was is fine replacement for the departed Jason N.

  • jason  says:

    first off, the production on death magnetic is incredible. its flawless, done by the same producer as another metal band called slayer. none ever disses slayer, so if your dissing metallica now, your slaping slayer in the face.
    these are gods, i seen them after st anger came out and they kicked ass live. their are alot better than the wannbe pop-punk pukes that think their so cool.

  • recordingfil  says:

    Wow, how cool! Reminds me of my bands’ rehearsal tapes…. Only It’s freakin Metallica insteada me & my friends! Very awesome find!

  • metal freak  says:

    Wow very cool! I have been a Metallica fan since I was a kid in the 8th grade. I remember first hearing them between classes out at the smoke shack and thought that their music was just awesome. way ahead of where all the other bands of that time were, Van Halen, AC/DC, Maiden and many others. Its very cool to hear some early early stuff from them. You all can bash them all you want, its true they have had some albums that werent very good, but they have some that kick ass too. Every artist/band does. you cant please everyone all the time. They are still selling albums that you all listen to, old and new, still selling out arenas and stadiums across the WORLD. This song is a group of guys chasin a dream, and you can’t say that they havent been succesful.. I think it sounds good for the time and method it was recorded on, i would love to get it cleaned up so i can blast it on my stereo, put it on vinal and I’ll spin it on my turn table. If ya don’t like em don’t listen to em, the rest of us will!

  • I'm Right AGAIN  says:

    one thing about having stars counts is that the little boy Mettlishitters will give you the bad rating since you hurt their feelings as in a fan like “reefugy86” It’s not about me ass-clown and as far as singles go fools like you buy them up to hear the same shlt they already released

    Metallica could release a country album and you’d be first in line, Metallica could show up to gang bang your mom and you’d ay to watch, metallica could sale you tampons and you;d ask how much?

    BTW your opinions of my opinions is that of a little boy who got his feelings hurt and needs to play tough boy over the internet, are you too drunk Miss ALcholica? are you too sad, angry or mad? or all of the above

    F#CK you, you darn fool idgit

    see you next time mother f#cker 🙂

  • alonewulf  says:

    If you don’t like Metallica, then you ain’t shit!

  • dj  says:

    This band sucked then and they suck now!

  • jerry smith  says:

    I had the oppertunity in 08 to see metallica for the first time and i was sceptical at first if this would end up being like a live greatest hits show by a band who obviosly had seen their better day’s but was pleasently surprized to find that they even with age have not lost their edge which only prooved to me these guy’s are true rock warriors that while on stage still lay down the biggest fucking wall of sound ive ever witnessed live in concert…………oh by the way im 45 years old and have seen quite a few concerts in my time ……….just saying

  • frank  says:

    All you all a bunch of losers, because none of you can play like Metallica, they are fucking good band, go watch them live!! , they still sold out with or without your support, some of you fuckers download their music, because you can afford buy a cd, get over with it ,Metallica always going to be the best metal band (thrash,speed, punk-hardcore) what ever you idiots like, Metallica does for you, like I said you don’t like because you are not in the band, or if you have a band I want to see your sorry ass being as big as Metallica , now go play some Garage days re-revisited album or fucking Metal militia and and enjoy yourself because you never going to be the next Metallica.. Death magnetic sound fucking great ,, like a metal album if you don’t like it go and buy some fucking Fall out boys shit …

  • John Galbani  says:

    Can I go to ANY feature on the internet about Metallica and not have to read a bunch of felchers bitching about them? Yeah yeah Cliff ruled, haircuts in ’96, waaah. Your shit gets old, you virgins, find something else to whine about. You make metal fans look like tools each time you recycle your tired shit.

  • Halford of grass valley  says:

    no band in the history of time has ever been able to stay on top forever. a true rock fan recognizes this and loves the band for what they are or once were. they were all good, thats why we listened to them. dont lose that feeling when you first heard whiplash, if you do, it means your old! long live metallica,megadeth, judas priest,iron maiden,ozzy,wasp,metal church,AC DC,king diamond,overkill,motley crue,slayer,ratt,poison,skid row,lita ford,rob/white zombie,godsmack,alice in chains,system of a down,soundgarden,sublime,kiss,gnr,papa roach,mudvayne,buck cherry,stp,zepplin,doors,skynard,and so on. no matter where they go they sound wonderful when you put their old albums on and turn it the fuck up. stay young my friends, and dont sell out. when you do, you end up a whinny pussy, the very thing you’re whinning about! we would also like to thank elvis presley for opening the door to all this good shit we call rock n roll! if you cant accept that, you’re not a true rock fan and you should probably be listening to country or rap somewhere it seems to suit people like you better(BITCHES) thank you jesus, the power of rock n roll will blow your fuckin mind and leave you elated! Halford rules.666!

  • Cw  says:

    Some people just can’t pay attention
    “This is nothing like the old Metallica I used to know” sure about that? This is EXACTLY the Metallica you used to know, your just so jaded and found that Metallica is the cool band to hate, you totally bypassed the fact that this was before a single song from “kill em all” was written.

  • reefugy86  says:

    To I’m right AGIN- damn dude- you got issues. if you don’t like Metallica, don’t listen to it, and don’t be bashing other’s favorite band in a room devoted to that band. Me being the tough guy? No- I’m the reasonable guy who thinks about what he says before he says it- lest he look like a bigger jackass with every word he yammers. Pissed that Metallica doesn’t live up to your musical standards? Well, life sucks- get used to it: lifes full of disappointment. Pissed that Metallica’s a better band than all your favorites? Blame your favorites for not trying harder.

    Oh- and believe it or not- I don’t buy everything associated with Metallica. Hell, I don’t even own all thier albums. I can’t even NAME all thier albums. i know for a fact that there’s songs I haven’t heard. But here’s what I do know- every single song I HAVE heard is totally kickass and several notches above everything else I’d call metal.

    Finally- you’re calling me aand I quote “a darn fool idgit” I’ve been going to great lengths to use reason, to make sense, and to minimize typing errors specifically to prove the opposite. Go ahead everybody- count the usage of swears, typing errors, and general level of intellect and compare it to *Im right*. Lets let the public be the judge of who the “darn fool idgit” is.

    ps- Slayer’s awesome as well.

    Metallica rules Metal – its the ONLY band worthy of the genre’s name in its name, and I think that the ONLY person that can bash Metallica is the person that can do better- or at least sell out a 50,000 strong concert at $500 a ticket.

  • Robert  says:

    You guys are entitled to your opinions but I have been a Metallica fan since the 80’s and that will never change. No other band in the world can arrange music like Metallica. Cliff still lives in every song. His influence is and always be Metallica.

  • Dave  says:

    Some of you really need to pull your dicks out of Metallica’s ass

    FIRST Burton was the BEST bassist EVER Jason was a good bassist but an egotistical prick trujillo is a great bassist and seems like a down to earth guy

    SO that ends the bassist debate

    Lars is an asshole we all know that,James has lost his passion I agree with that and Kirk is just along for the ride do I like Metallica? YES but I do not agree with the way they have turned on their fans mostly the old metallica fans they are capable of MUCH better music than st anger and death magnetic NOW if you have the balls to tell me unforgivin 3 is better than dyers eve you need your head examined NO I do not expect them to jam like they did when they were young but I expect more than lars’ cymbals sounding like he is playing on trash can lids

    as far as Metallica running circles around any thrash bands? BULLSHIT!!! ever hear of a little band called Slayer? at least they still have their balls and in my opinion Metallica HAS NOT been shit since And justice for all all the black album load,reload,st anger,and Death Magnetic did was bring all you preppy bitches to the world of rock

    AND Jason how is it that if you “dis” Metallica then your dissin Slayer? you cant even compare the 2 bands any more Metallica is a commercial band and Slayer is STILL loyal to their fans Slayer still rocks Metallica forgot what rock was all about and focused too much on bringing in new fans Slayer dont give a fuck if you like them you like them if not they dont give a shit they have remained true to who they are and not “sell out” so you guys can run you mouths i really dont give a shit I grew up with Metallica and all the other bands of that time and from what I have seen with the exception of Def leppard Metallica is the only other band that lost their way and forgot who they truly are

  • Dave  says:

    ok reefugy86 …really ??? Metallica rules Metal – its the ONLY band worthy of the genre’s name in its name, and I think that the ONLY person that can bash Metallica is the person that can do better- or at least sell out a 50,000 strong concert at $500 a ticket.

    ok 500 a ticket proof that Metallica is all about money and dont give a shit about the music hell you can polish a turd but it is still a turd reguardless they were not paying for the music they were paying for the name and something it — USED to mean and not to mention if ppl are paying 500 for a ticket you really need your head checked

  • aj2012  says:

    DAVE @ 3:33 to 4:02 sweeeet…

  • KTULU  says:

    All of you young ones do not know the history of thrash metal. As you can see this are the seeds of Metallica and Megadeth being planted, paving the way for the creation of trash and heavy metal. These bands(Metallica & Megadeth) will sell millions of albums and inspiring the bands you young punks think are HEAVY today. All of the riffs that I hear in today’s bands are all rehashed. Megadeth and Metallica together with their contemporary, Slayer have done it all ……

    I must say this 82 recording sounds killer in an era dominated by disco, underground rap and new age punk rock!!!! This is an era on where all michael jackson songs polluted the airwaves ….

    P.S. Diamond head cannot get royalties from metallica for the 4 horsemen because this was written and composed by Mustaine, it was known as The Mechanix back then ….. they just changed the lyrics and the slow middle part composition when hammet became the lead guitarist ….. know your facts!!!

  • One  says:

    Ive watched them at their peak when they performed here in the Philippines ….. they rule and sound great LIVE!!!

    Bands today rely too much on modern synthesizers and that industrial sound but they dont sound TIGHT!!!

    Try playing 3 hours using metallica’s gear and play all of their fastest and heaviest songs from kill em all to death magnetic, and play it live in front of 50,000 people …. lets see who sounds bad …. metallica or you bullshit haters of the band

  • Krissy  says:

    Metallicas music is really great. I consider them to be metal music legends and obviously successful. I hate when people say they sold out. Metallica has a very unique sound, and always will! I was lucky enough to feel the thrashing pulsing music pumping through me during their World magnetic tour and never will forget this feeling. Body thrashing!! As far as the ego thing… well.. yeah. I have to say I don’t like how Lars has to consistantly make fun of Layne from Alice in Chains.. he’s dead.. c’mon.. why Lars??!

  • Zorlak  says:

    This song despite of poor (understandable) quality is very very good for 4 kids knowing not where they were going at the time. I’ve never heard the original from Diamondhead but this cover really Kick ass. Dave´s job is amazing. Fortunately he was fired in 82 and formed Megadeth. Talking about how Matallica Sold out since the black album, I have always wonder what Metallica would be these days if Cliff was still alive and in the band, I can’t think of him letting the band take the all known direction they took with the black, load and reload album$$$

  • morsteen  says:

    guys, I hate to say it, but I don’t know what you’re talking about, this productions sounds better than death magnetic! That’s pretty bad when a boombox from ’82 sounds better that that magnetic sack of crap. And what’s all this crap about the black album, yeah it was commercial, but fuck you look at those old vid’s and they were still on it man, you could tell they had the spark, fuck jason was a beast, jame’s hadn’t completely changed into this squealing oh baby voice yet,…I’d say the cutoff was after that grueling tour, when they had their mid-career crisis around the woodstock time. But that’s just my two cents.

  • \m/ MEGADETH \m/  says:

    metallica kick ass fuck everyone who doesnt like em
    they may not be as good as megadeth but there frist 4 albums were a fuckin god send

  • CFH_Unleashed  says:

    Ok, isn’t it every musicians dream to make your music change whatever genre you are in and to get money out of it? Yall say Metallica, “sold out” and are trying to hard. lol they are in the fucking rock n’ roll hall of fame. That should be every bands major goal….and the money and greed they come with being big…look at the best metal bands that are still playing and claim to kick metallicas ass….they had problems too and live in big ass houses and drive fancy cars….even when that musician dies, they gain a shit ton of money….like bob marley…hendrix….think about that before you start to talk about bands selling out…because chances are your fav. band has sold out or will.

  • Steve  says:

    around 5:48ish…i hear a little Holy Wars solo goin on ;D

  • Greg  says:

    Ok This song is good or Okey I don’t Know who ever found this he’s good NOW ALL THOSE PEOPLE bad mouthing Metallice for beaing a commercial band I AM SORRY but when I see there live photos the Arena or stadium is still almost sold out and when we see some ofthe fans they are from 16 to almost 50 It was the case When I went in Montreal !!!!!!!!!! SO there is still old fans from the early 80’S yes they are Commercial yess they are less agressive but to me MEtallica stays metallica!! By the way I âid my tickets for three of ther under 200.00$CND DOllars! Maybe They like Making Money ( Who Does Not?) SLayer good Example ok they stayed true to there ROOTS but half of there song almost the same( I Know they don’t) but oyou know what I mean! Megadeth they have some more commercial Albums but nobody HIT THEM ON THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN The System Has Failed or Heaven hidden Treasure com on they are not Killing Is My Business or Peace Sell Ok United Abomination its good but still… End Game is great… COmming back to Metallica: LOAD REALOD AND SO ON Yes there bad but when it comme to play: Fuel, Bleeding Me, the Outlaw torn, Devil’s Dance, The Memory remain all of you Metalli-Hatters Scream your ass of even Enter Sand man cause metallica is not a studio band like other NO THEY ARE A LIVE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there songs are better live( ecept Nothing Elses Matters I Hate It live but its still great!)

    Anyway they are still great death Magnetic is ther best album since ..And Justice For All so cut some slack

  • zack  says:

    ok heres wat i got to say metallica had great albums in the 1980s u cant ignore that but ever since the load album they have forgot wat metal is st. anger just sucked it was all riff, no solos and the songs sucked BUT when death magnetic came out the got a feeling on fast ballbreaking guitar and a taste of metal back i love metallica and i always will. add me on ultimate guitar .com my thing is GUITARWIZZACK

  • Gclub  says:

    thank for shared.

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