LED ZEPPELIN – Rare 1970 “Moby Dick” Drum Solo!


TMD has obtained a rare audience recording of legendary drummer John Bonham, aka “Bonzo”, performing the classic “Moby Dick” drum solo at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia on August 17, 1970.

Before drummers used “triggers” to make their drum job easier, there was a man who lit a literal fire under the percussion world’s behind with his innovative genius… that man played with the pioneers of heavy metal: LED ZEPPELIN. Unfortunately, Bonham died September 25, 1980 at only the age of 32… and put the literal death dagger into the hearts of millions of Zep fans.

Bonzo, widely considered the greatest rock n roll drummer that ever lived, mastered ‘playing with feel’ like no other… and his passion is no more evident than on this historic concert recording. Keep in mind he is playing the majority of this epic 18 minute solo with his bare hands.

Listen to Bonzo rip it up in two parts HERE, and HERE!


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