KEBRAS – “P​.​A​.​T​.​O” EP Available Now

Flávio Kebras is a Portuguese guitarist born in the 90s who started his dedication to music in 1998. As he felt different from all other children, he started to focus his energies and intelligence in self-taught guitar learning.

KEBRAS” as it is popularly known, got his name in the adolescence after nights of partying and drinking with friends who were rare, because even in its most fun phase of life he traded the favorite diversions of that age for the tireless hours with his guitar. He was acquiring special and somewhat particular tastes in music and felt that practically nobody fit his preferences, so it was rare to have a connection with other people and even to set up bands and projects. Then, at the age of 15, he started to idealize his first project: Afterbleeding, which is so specific in terms of sound and technique could not get members to accept the challenge.

Even without giving up on Afterbleeding, the 17 year old signed up to join a band called Demonocracy, which he participated for three years as a bassist and back up vocalist.

After his departure in 2011, he saw his career stagnant while planning to one day proceed with his project in Afterbleeding. He shared his dedication to the guitar with his daily work to ensure survival, but he never stopped thinking or loving music as the main focus of his life.

In 2019 he released the first Afterbleeding Ep “Paths of Decimation” on which he had worked since 2006 and now it had the support of new members: Ricardo Guimarães on vocals, Miguel Lima on guitars, Emanuel Mariano on bass and António Pedro Carvalho on drums.

As Kebras’ creativity kept flowing to different sides of music, in 2019 he started to working on a personal project: The “Kebras” project that now enters the scene with his Promo P.A.T.O as a debut, produced by himself in his own production company where he was invited to become a partner after his certification in music production and engineering course. Check out this incredible work and give your opinion on the fruits of the work of this great artist and producer!

Check out the EP HERE.

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