Johnny Depp Shapeshifts In Serbia (VIDEO)

2018 wasn’t exactly a good year for actor/rocker Johnny Depp. His ongoing battle versus his ex wife, Amber Heard, has reached a new level of disgraceful, on top of the fact that Depp was fired by Disney from working on any future Jack Sparrow Pirate films, he got sued by his own business manager (and lost a multi million dollar settlement), along with being taken to court by his own bodyguards for acting too belligerent on the movie set, not to forget another man who claims the actor punched him in the gut after losing his cool.

“Prior to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – the first one in 2003 – I had been essentially known within the confines of Hollywood as box office poison, you know what I’m saying? You know, I basically had built a career on 20 years of failures.” – Johnny Depp

The word going around the entertainment industry is that Depp is a sick man, mentally and physically, having allegedly become addicted to a super potent LSD-like drug that one of his movie characters was using heavily during the nineties, and just so happened to be based off a real person, who just happened to be his best friend in life: Hunter S. Thompson.

This week a news report by Johnny’s PR team claims that Johnny’s ex Amber treated the actor himself like a battered child, including a past event that claims she took a shit in his bed as part of a prank played on him one time, and that this was all indicative of a long sustained abuse the actor suffered at the hands of the 120 pound woman. Mind you, this is the same guy that purportedly hit this woman he married in the head with a phone during a fit of rage.

A lot of hoax articles get tossed around undoubtedly, so who are we to believe? If we believed everything that is printed on the internet, this world would truly be a scary place, right?

Johnny Depp Accuses Ex-Wife Amber Heard of Having ‘Painted-On Bruises’ and Abusing Him in Defamation Lawsuit

Another theory going around is that Depp is not exactly a human being. The wild claim going around, thanks to conspiracy theorist, David Icke, is that an alien race has covertly fooled humanity and is secretly planning a takeover to usher in the New World Order for real. Icke claims our favorite celebrities are human flesh devouring entities from another dimension.

Hoax Or Real The Deal? The Shapeshifter And His Fake Bird Trick

In the above video filmed in Serbia earlier this year where Depp was said to be filming his latest movie project titled Minamata, he appears to be holding a parrot for the camera, while talking in the same dialect he used for Jack Sparrow’s character…. again, a role he had already been fired from last year.

It appears to be another desperate attempt to gain sympathy from his adoring fans, because after all, playing with a bird scores big time points with the chicks, right?

“CAA Media Finance will handle US rights. “Minamata” has been developed by Depp’s production entity Infinitum Nihil and is produced by Sam Sarkar, Bill Johnson and Andrew Levitas.”

At one point, haywire occurs and the cameraman shakes the video camera once Depp’s form begins to shapeshift along with his hologram bird.

Like the ‘Magic Guitar Pick’ video I shared with fans a week ago, where Chris Cornell appears to pull a pick out of thin air like Houdini, Johnny Depp appears to be using a form of Black Magick that these type of alien humanoids can harness at will, making them able to get objects or even animals to manifest into the physical realm just with a mere thought in their head.

Late truther investigator Max Spiers (found dead on my birthday July 16, 2016) said that Helena Bonham Carter is actually a Rothschild, and is married to director Tim Burton, who is a CIA backed MK Ultra ‘handler’ of Johnny Depp. Besides LSD, I learned that the drug called adrenochrome is used by the CIA to abuse the star’s mind and keep him in line.

That being said… if for whatever reason Depp becomes deemed a damaged asset for the elites who control him, he would be denied any access to the drug via all of his past contacts. This means Johnny would start experiencing what is called “withdrawals”, and as I understand it with this particular ‘super drug’ he has been supposedly taking regularly it is a serious bitch to rip yourself away from once you get addicted to its extremely magical effects. The real kicker is that the source where this drug is extracted from is most often taken from the body of a Satanic Ritual Abuse victim, usually under the age of 9, right after they have reached their most terrified state. It’s said that once a person’s adrenaline hits their bloodstream this produces adrenochrome. It has the combined effects of both super strong speed and LSD.

Adrenochrome and the blood consumed from the bodies of scared children are said to be needed by the Hollywood Vampire so this hybrid entity can hold his human form in this realm. When there is any stress or sudden excitement around him, this is when shapeshifting occurs.

“She was the perpetrator, and I was the victim,” Johnny Depp alleges. “While mixing prescription amphetamines and non-prescription drugs with alcohol, Ms. Heard committed innumerable acts of domestic violence against me, often in the presence of a third-party witness, which in some instances caused me serious bodily harm. … She also repeatedly and frequently threw objects into my body and head, including heavy bottles, soda cans, burning candles, television remote controls, and paint thinner cans, which severely injured me.”

Depp also claims in the documents that he had to have three surgeries on his finger after Heard allegedly threw a large vodka bottle at him in 2015, which is said to have ended up severing his fingertip. Depp claims she was pissed off due her being asked to sign a post-nuptial agreement after they tied the knot in February 2015.

In recent years, fans have made a stink over Johnny’s ill physical appearance, for the Hollywood Vampire guitarist seemed to be in desperate need of some major rejuvenation now that he’s in his mid fifties.

Now, all of the sudden Johnny is back in action looking young again. How did this happen? Did the CIA hook him back up to his adrenochrome supply?

Heard’s lawyer, Eric George, fired back, vehemently denying the new allegations against his client in a statement to ET.

“The evidence in this case is clear: Johnny Depp repeatedly beat Amber Heard,” the statement reads. “The increasingly desperate attempts by Mr. Depp and his enablers to revive his career by initiating baseless litigation against so many people once close to him — his former lawyers, former managers, and his former spouse — are not fooling anyone. In light of the important work done by the #TimesUp movement highlighting the tactics abusers use to continue to traumatize survivors, neither the creative community nor the public will be gaslit by Mr. Depp’s baseless blame-the-victim conspiracy theories.”

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