JOHN 5 – New Music Video Posted

John 5 has debuted a music video for his new track “Zoinks!“. The Rob Zombie guitarist recorded the track with his backing band The Creatures while the song is taken from his forthcoming album, “Invasion“, which is slated to arrive sometime later this year.

The video itself (seen above) was written and directed by Disney animator Brett Broggs (‘Frozen‘, ‘Wreck-It Ralph‘) with additional live footage filmed by Matt Zane. It features the vocal talents of Nikki SixxSusan Olsen (‘The Brady Bunch‘) and more. Currently John 5 And The Creatures have this North American tour booked in support of the new album.

How does one define John 5? Is he rock? Is it country? Is he heavy metal? What about emo, industrial or bluegrass? Truth is there is no one set genre to fit John 5. In a world where music must be defined, John 5 breaks every mould by continually changing and adapting his style. Although he is unmistakably John 5 in his sound, he mixes around with the foundation with every new track he writes, every album he guests on and every time he picks up the guitar.

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