GUNS N’ ROSES – Guitarist Thrown Out Of Hotel


GUNS N’ ROSES new guitarist n’ songwriter Dj Ashba got the boot from the hotel where the band was checked into while preparing for the GN’R gig tonight in Hamilton, Canada. Ashba comments:

“Well, the manager which was an older lady, beat on my door, she was a bitch from get go, she said they had already fined me 500.00 with out a warning might I add, and told me if I smoke again she will triple the fine and would have to ask me to leave. So as she was standing in my door bitching with her Tina Turner like hair do, I light up a cigarette… Leer más, smiled and said “I’ll start packing” and slammed the door in her face. Keep in mind I always book in a smoking room, so I had no idea. You think she could of been nicer about the situation considering our band had about 70 rooms there. I was happy to hear Axl checked out early too due to the same lady. Anyways we’re in a much nicer hotel now anyways. Hahaha!!!!”


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