FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – New Album Details

Upon signing with Nuclear Blast last spring, New Jersey’s FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY was close to finishing the writing process for their fifth LP and follow-up to 2017’s The Great Collapse. Though a release date has yet to be announced, presumably the album has already been tracked by guitarist and co-founder Will Putney.

Fit For An Autopsy had this to say earlier today: “2019. The year we release a new record we’ve put more into than we ever have. Can’t wait. Happy New Year.”

It seems there’s a new catastrophe hitting the headlines everyday, from corrupt politicians and crooked business people, to criminal mischief and the oppressive renegades within the ranks of those entrusted to protect the people from crime; extreme divides between rich and poor, ideological battles, shrinking resources, the constant threat of war, terror, famine, disease. The problems of the world are every bit as grim, perhaps more so, than during the Cold War, when protest, counterculture, and music from punk to thrash helped give voice to the voiceless.

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