FINAL COIL – Announce “Somnambulant II” EP

FINAL COIL – Announce “Somnambulant II” EP

FINAL COIL‘s latest effort “SOMNAMBULANT II” will be released on 10 12 2021 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

About Somnambulant II: Final Coil completely reimagined songs from their back catalogue, taking them into realms of sound that transformed each track. They decided to create an album of old songs given a completely new lease of life. Entitled Somnambulant II – a link back to one of the band’s earliest releases, the equally experimental Somnambulant EP of 2014 – this remarkable new release will emerge from its chrysalis via WormholeDeath Records on December 10th. A triumph emerging from a tragedy and a light along the way as we all emerge into a post lockdown world.

Final Coil began their musical life in howls of feedback and chaos, a raging entity that tore up the stages of endless small clubs as they slowly found their direction. Gradually, that energy and electricity was channelled into smoother paths as the band looked deeper into themselves and their music, discovering how much more their individual abilities could create; realising they had so much more to say, that a fleeting impact wasn’t all they wished to achieve – they wanted to carve musical monuments that would stand the test of time and stand for something as well. Under the guiding hand of founding member Phil Stiles the line-up of the band morphed and shifted to reflect that change in focus and the first recorded output from the new look Final Coil was released in 2015. The Closed To The Light EP highlighted the significant developments in the band’s style so effectively that it caught the ear of Italian record label WormHoleDeath, who immediately signed the band up. Throughout 2016 Final Coil worked on their debut full length album, which was then unveiled by their new label in 2017…

Credits: Mixed & Mastered: Phil Stiles (Nov 2020 – June 2021) Artwork & Photography: Jola Stiles

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