ENFORCED – Debut New Music Video

Virginia based crossover maniacs ENFORCED released a new track and music video for “Malignance” via Century Media Records. Watch the music video, which is off the band’s forthcoming album Kill GridHERE

While the video is capturing the raw, but positive energy of an ENFORCED live show the song itself has a very serious tone. ENFORCED vocalist Knox Colby states, “‘Malignance’ is about being on the wrong side of history, being led down the path of an ideology built on hatred and violence, only to end up with a bullet in your stomach. The lyrics about-face towards the end of the song and try to shake you out of it. Wake up, get a grip, understand and accept that you’re wrong. The chorus was inspired by a World War 2 prisoner-of-war torture tactic I read about. Soldiers who were captured were forced to smell the bodies of their friends and comrades, which became this strange introspective psychological torture that fit the narrative I was writing.” Guitarist Will Wagstaff dives deeper into the music: “This song has an older Slayer type of vibe to me, maybe ‘Show No Mercy’/’Haunt the Chapel’ era. This is a pure crossover song, ala Exodus/early Testament/Slayer. We knew we wanted to keep it fast for most of the song and it ended up coming together organically during a practice.” “Malignance” follows the release of the debut track, “Hemorrhage“, off Kill Grid, which is set for release on March 12th

Informed by an incredible cross-section of extremes-from thrash and punk to death metal and hardcore-the emergent outfit drop a nine-song cluster-bomb of thrashing death on apathetic times. Pre-order the band’s forthcoming LP HERE. The following formats are available for Kill Grid:100 x olive green LP+CD via CM Distro onlineshop200 x clear LP+CD via CM Distro wholesale and onlineshop200 x bright gold LP+CD via EMP and Coretex Records200 x red LP+CD via the Bandblack LP+CDIn the US the black LP comes without a CDDigital Album

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