DEVILDRIVER – Bassist To Sit Out Next Tour, Entering Rehab!


Den Headz, in a shocking statement posted on DEVILDRIVER’s official site, bassist Jon Miller gave the following update on his health and future with the band:

“To all DevilDriver fans and friends, I wanted to give you an update on my status as far as my health is concerned.

Regarding the past 2 European tours, I was either forced to leave by my own accord or asked to leave by my band/managment.

I have been touring with DevilDriver for almost the past ten years and the drugs and alcohol have finally caught up with me. I realized this when I ended up in the ICU on my birthday last week.

I need to make a change so that I can save my own life and keep the friends that I still have left.

I know that al ot of DevilDriver fans seek me out first as the one to party with because I consider myself a very social person who is quite outgoing, personable and friendly.

That was all fun in my 20’s touring with the band, but as I am entering my early 30’s I can feel the damage catching up with me mentally and physically. I don’t want to burn out prematurely before my time on this Earth is up.

On January 1st I will be entering an intense rehabilitation program in order for me to reclaim my health and the person who I once was.

I will not be doing the Canadian tour in January or the Australian tour in February and March. This is for my own good. I need to come out of rehab with a sound body and mind. After I complete my rehabilitation I hope to see all DevilDriver friends and family as soon as I can.

Much love to you all.

Jonathan Miller”

TMD salutes Jon Miller for his courage and decision to do what’s best in his life. Check out Rocket’s smoking 2009 interview with Miller HERE!

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