DEATH WOLF – Reveal New Album Release Date


Death Wolf has now announced that second studio album, “II: Black Armoured Death,” will be released on February 18th in Europe and on February 19th in North America via Century Media Records. The label comments on the offering:

“Besides the Danzig-influenced material in the vein of the songs on Death Wolf’s self-titled debut album, fans can also expect ‘II: Black Armoured Deat’h to cover a wide musical spectrum that will surely be worth a listen for every fan of dark sinister punk rock with a metal edge.”

The track listing is:

1. Noche De Brujas
2. World Serpent
3. Lord Of Putrefaction
4. Darkness Of Hel
5. Sudden Bloodletter
6. Malice Striker
7. Night Stalker
8. Luciferian Blood Covenant
9. Black Armoured Death
10. Death Wolf March
11. Little Black Angel
12. Snake Mountain
13. Rothenburg

In addition to “II: Black Armoured Death,” Death Wolf will also be releasing a new 7″ titled “Bloodscent” this month. Featuring different arrangements of two tracks on “II: Black Armoured Death,” this limited 7″ will be hand-numbered and pressed on white wax– and only available at CM Distro and on the road this February/March on Death Wolf’s tour with Marduk, Moonspell, and Inquisition.

Source: Metalunderground

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