CONSPIRACY TO KILL: Why Chester’s Fans Are Crying “Murder”

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CONSPIRACY TO KILL: Why Chester’s Fans Are Crying “Murder”

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Today I have learned more information about the death of LINKIN PARK frontman Chester Bennington, and I obtained actual photos of the new home Chester and his family were living in at the time of his death.

I want to make it understood that my team of independent investigators are just like me, they are devoted rock fans, and they have been the ones to really help me gather all of this critical information so we can all understand things more clearly.

More importantly, I will focus tonight on the man who reportedly was among the first to learn Chester was dead at the scene on July 20, 2017, along with other key figures in Bennington’s life before it ended
so tragically, right as he was to begin a huge North American Tour.. oddly happening on the same day as Chris Cornell’s first birthday since he was found hung on May 18 in Detroit.

The Bennington residence is located in an affluent community at 2842 Via Victoria in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Joe Hahn, Chester Bennington’s band mate, the DJ in the act’s lineup, arrived to pick Chester up and then go with him to a scheduled LINKIN PARK photo shoot. He was photographed at the house on the morning of July 20th and he is the one speaking in the call to 911.

When he speaks with 911 dispatch after being notified Chester was found hanging, he does nothing to help the man. He just sits there in the car outside the singer’s residence and does nothing. No CPR. Not one thing to help. That seems really suspicious to me.

Frankly, it is simply appalling to me how Joe Hahn shows literally ZERO EMOTION after finding out his beloved band mate has just been discovered dead. Joe sounds like he is ordering a pizza. It is absolutely mind boggling to me how this man does NOT show ANY emotion. He does not even step out of the vehicle and rush inside the home to see what really is happening to his longtime friend? Why?

I will tell you why. My theory is that Joe already knew Chester was dead as he drove up and just puts on a show (much like the bodyguard in Cornell’s case)… as he will be the one who calls 911. Totally staged. It was all perfectly planned just like one of their concerts. Although, I am sure the maid was not expecting to find Chester dead when she arrived to work at the house. Her reaction is totally genuine I feel. But Joe Hahn was either born without emotions or this guy is the most cold blooded sonofabitch alive.

You can clearly hear the maid crying in the background, “Oh my God”, explaining she found Chester hanging. But Joe Hahn does not go inside the home to see for himself what is going on exactly?

He speaks in a nonchalant manner. There is no excitement or “hurry up and get someone over here!!”. It was as if he just placed a Taco Bell drive thru order.

Looking closely at the picture of Chester’s bedroom where he was found hanging, you can see
that the ceiling is covered in beams all throughout. The first question that I have is why didn’t
Chester use one of those to hang himself? It would be so much easier. Why pick a door? It makes no sense, right? Certainly the section of the beams that is not flush to the ceiling could have been a perfect spot for that sort of thing.

Instead… Chester is found hung from a door… with his belt.

Digging deeper, my investigation is not just about the crime scene, but also the people in Chester’s life at the time of his death. One man I think who is important to mention is named Jeff Blue. He’s with Jeff Blue Music, formerly of Blue Ladder, and he worked with TMZ’s Harvey Levin at CBS before TMZ went on the air. He is the dude responsible for discovering, signing, co-writing and producing Chester’s band LINKIN PARK.

In this YouTube video Jeff Blue comments on his association with Harvey Levin of TMZ:

Blue recently spoke with Billboard about the late Chester Bennington:

“Every week, at least one person tells me how Chester and Linkin Park’s music touched their lives, serving as a release, a catharsis, a therapy for inner turmoil. Chester was an inspiration to myself and the world. He was an example that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, but that at the same time we are all human and vulnerable. He let us know we are not alone, that we all feel self-doubt, despair, rage and exhilaration.

I’m so glad Chester had the time on this planet to bless us all with his ­special gift. His voice will live forever.”

Doesn’t sound too upset either, does he? What is it with these people? Do all of these human beings except the poor maid lack the ability to show serious grief or sorrow? Am I alone in this way of thinking? I mean, they just found Chester dead within the last week. The funeral still has to happen, right? Chester’s autopsy and toxicology are not even completed. And literally within a handful of days this longtime associate can talk so happily and candid about Chester? His band mate doesn’t shed a tear at the scene or even get out of his damn vehicle?

In his last interview, Bennington explained how he hates dealing with pain since he broke his leg and went through healing process, going one step further to say he would really need to be heavily medicated now just to get a tattoo.

Yet there are NO DRUGS FOUND AT THE SCENE? Don’t you think if Chester really hung himself that he
would have at least smoked a joint?

I actually knew a family friend who hung herself in her sister’s garage (yes, the old rope thrown over the ceiling beam trick, but done with an extension cord instead) and they found a partially smoked marijuana spliff nearby her body. That was the last thing she did before hanging herself because she was really smart (a brilliant UCLA student) well aware of the pain that would be part of the process.

The fact that NO DRUGS are found at the scene makes me even more suspect of the story being sold by police and the mainstream news media.

And now the L.A. morgue, much like Detroit in Cornell’s case is rushing the case along as another suicide, making that preliminary ruling known to the public before all the tests come back.

Sounds like another celebrity murder cover up to me, how about you?

Point blank, my opinion is that this entire story of suicide is utterly ridiculous and I for one am not buying any of this fabricated nonsense, got it?

The fact is Chester was alone that night as we all know. He could have easily had his sliding glass door in the room opened and someone ambushed him in the middle of the night while he was asleep. There is a long trail that leads past his house that anyone could use to find access to his property, once they found parking on the street.

If I were working the case as a police detective I would have all the windows and doors in Chester’s room dusted for possible fingerprints left by someone. But just like in the Cornell case, where they did not even send in the hand swab samples of the bodyguard Martin Kirsten because they were already sold on the suicide story, I am sure they will drop the ball here too.

Another thing, I would also check the cameras in the home for any strange people I might see as well as the security cameras outside. One of the cameras around the area might have picked up someone walking up to Bennington’s residence that looks suspicious.

My preliminary ruling in this case is it looks more and more like a classic homicidal strangulation staged to look like someone took their own life.

In one of his final interviews, Chester said it himself that he would “fight” his depression rather than “give up”.

Finally, I share a story my wife told me recently about an old friend she knew named “Joe” back in her teenage years who tried to hang himself on a door once and it actually failed. He was not able to kill himself that way so he immediately went outside and hung himself from a tree instead.


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