CHRIS CORNELL & The Rock N Roll Death Saga Of 2017!


CHRIS CORNELL & The Rock N Roll Death Saga Of 2017!

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

This past week The Detroit News unleashed a series of articles trying to dispel the public’s belief that late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, was murdered. Yet I myself was able to debunk the three biggest statements they made in concern with the forensic science.

1. Yes, it is normal to see blood at a suicide hanging scene (TMZ and Harvey Levin)

False. You’re wrong, Harvey. The truth is when a body is found hanging due to suicide, there is very little blood expected at the scene, this according to a UCLA pathologist.

2. 9 fractured ribs during CPR is normal. 10 is the median and it occurs at 90% rate.

False. That is simply not true. A recent 2015 medical study indicated 1 out of 3 patients suffered rib fractures (33.33%) and had only an average of 2-3 fractures when they did. Not 10. Extreme injury from CPR happens less than 2%. That is a fake news reporting, The Detroit News. If you cannot report the truth maybe you need to find another line of work.

Okay. Keep in mind Chris had multiple fractures on both sides of his rib cage, numbered from 2-6 and 2-5.

According to the expert, “Fractures to the first three ribs are ‘uncommon’, meaning they don’t happen often during CPR, as they are short and stiff and protected by the clavicle, scapula and muscles of the upper chest wall. A fracture to these ribs suggests significant force was transmitted into the chest, and the risk of intrathoracic injury is high.”

The expert explains:

“The presence of two or more rib fractures at any level on the thoracic cage is associated with a higher incidence of internal injuries. Ribs 4–9 are the most commonly injured because of their exposed position and relative immobility, as they are attached to the sternum anteriorly and the spine posteriorly. Fractures to ribs 9–11 are associated with increased risk of intra-abdominal injury, specifically to the liver and spleen.

During frontal vehicle collisions (which often result in rapid deceleration), the compressive force generated when the anterior chest strikes the seat belt is often significant enough to result in sternal fracture or separation from the ribs.”

So 100% the evidence now tells us that Chris Cornell was the victim of a brutal assault in hotel room #1136 on the night of May 17 in Detroit and he put up a heckuva fight but lost it very quickly I am afraid. The sedative Butalbital in his system would have left him extremely vulnerable during such an attack. Why was that sedative in his system at all if his wife and bodyguard were monitoring him so closely? They say they gave him Ativan, and it barely shows up in the tox report.

3. The door was kicked and swing latch broke, seen on floor.

According to a lock expert TMD spoke with on the phone, the latch/strike plate on the door itself would have suffered a ton of more damage if actually kicked through as the bodyguard insists.

Crime reporter George Hunter gets it all wrong in my opinion. Think about it. George Hunter said the first 911 tape couldn’t be found or authenticated, remember? His first article that included an interview with me attempted to dismiss the audio I provided. Then The Detroit News released an alternate call for the public to hear, not the ‘pronouncement of DOA’ call that I heard. Why did Weaver not hesitate when asked about the signs of strangulation in his press release from last week? I thought that ‘pronouncement’ 911 tape was missing and or faked? Clearly, he’d heard it, because the man went to great length to try and explain it. Had that not been the real call, it seems like he would point out that it is irrelevant.

So we now know George Hunter clearly had access to the ‘pronouncement’ audio as well.

So that brings us back to the fact that the medic made remarks that point to a classic case
of homicidal ligature strangulation: “signs of strangulation”, “head trauma” and that Chris has been down for a very long time, stating “cold to touch all over”. That takes a considerable amount
of time to happen with the human body indoors. Typically 2 hours according to forensic science.

At this point, CPR was obviously not going to help. Chris Cornell was long dead.

Despite the obvious point of The Detroit News story being debunked on every level and indeed directly brought to the paper’s attention, as I did on several occasions via email and phone, The Detroit News editor Gary Mile has now allegedly shut his door on the matter already like everyone else.

TMD has also obtained a report from a couple years back that shows Detroit PD totally botched a murder case, from a simple clerical blunder. This kind of lack of attention to detail is nothing new to them.

Snopes site came out this past weekend and tried to debunk my story that was picked up by Yournewswire, and has amassed over 800,000 shares on Facebook in the past few days when in fact they themselves are under investigation for fraud and are begging on GoFundMe for assistance to keep their operation going.

The mainstream news has been caught in one big FAKE NEWS hellstorm after the next, look
at CNN and the fact that 3 of their journalists resigned over a bogus Russia/Trump collusion story.

Shame on them. And shame on all these other FAKE NEWS organizations who try to tell the tax paying citizens what is real or what is not. When they are caught, like NBC’s Brian
Williams telling a sensational lie that would end anyone else’s career. But I still see this guy
working all the time as of late. Why is that?

Why should I trust him or any of the mainstream news outlets, The Detroit News & TMZ?

They have all been incorrect with their facts, in my opinion, and that has been misleading to the public, in concern with the Chris Cornell case, repeatedly, and now Chester Bennington’s mysterious demise that clearly ties to Chris in a big way, and watch it will just go ignored, because they simply don’t want to investigate the matter any further.

What is everyone afraid of?

I asked Gary Mile of The Detroit News this past week on the phone if we could do a followup on Bennington’s case and he assured me that this would happen. On this Monday, I woke up and got an email reply from him saying that was never the case and that he wished I didn’t discuss our conversations with the public.

What is really going on here? Why can’t simple investigative reporting be done by anyone in 2017?

Are you all that programmed and institutionalized to crank out mediocre output that you are going
to drop the ball when working quite possibly the biggest story in rock history?

Not once did Gary even ask me if I have any new evidence in either case to offer him. Why is that?

Isn’t that his job? He doesn’t know where I am at in my investigation currently since our last talk before this one. So would he not be obligated to at least ask me do I have any new evidence?

That is where he failed at his duty to serve the public, in my opinion. He should be totally ashamed of himself.

Chris Cornell deserves better than this. Hell, after I provided explosive testimony from the locksmith with 28 years law enforcement experience, Gary Mile at The Detroit News never asked me one more follow up question on that subject.

Where are we at as a society today that a human being is not given their fair treatment after their
life is over on earth? This man was cremated so fast and the case closed quick as could be. Why?

If Vicky Cornell was so ‘distraught’ over her husband’s death and did not believe he intentionally took his own life, why not wait to get a second evaluation of the body? There could have been a ton of critical DNA evidence, other areas of trauma recognized upon closer inspection. We all know Chris had a bloody head wound with a bump around the scalp seen while he performed his final concert.

Why was that spotted by the medic in the ‘pronouncement’ 911 audio and not observed and noted by Detroit medical examiner Theodore Brown?

Do you see all the inconsistencies? And why was George Hunter so adamant to not accept the audio
I provided, when Weaver clearly knew about it when he spoke of it in last week’s press release on the matter?

What is EVERYONE hiding?

Should not the first concern be to find the truth? Why conceal anything? Even if the 911 pronouncement audio George Hunter tried to block from being considered seriously in the case was damning, why hide it? Why not get that information out to the public and make the authorities aware of it contents? Instead… he acted like it was classified evidence, when under the Freedom of Information Act, it would be released due to it being part of a potential crime anyway.

I even checked with an ER nurse I know and she explained that the medic remarks were always important to the coroner in her workplace. Therefore when crime reporter George Hunter, again.. a reporter who earns his living sitting behind a desk, makes the comment to me that those EMS remarks are not important… he was not only wrong, he is 100% obstructing the investigation, in my opinion.


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