BEOWÜLF – Guitarist Mike Jensen Passes Away

Very sad news to report. OG BEOWÜLF guitarist, Mike “Milkbone” Jensen, has passed away. No word yet on the exact cause of death, and the entire BEOWÜLF army mourns his loss at a time when the band has been preparing a new album. Fans also will remember Mike for his great work with Creeper band.

BEOWÜLF had just performed last weekend in Las Vegas, and now a true legend of the metal scene is gone.

L.A. Weekly had recently ranked BEOWÜLF‘s debut album as one of the top 20 best Los Angeles metal albums ever.

“Beowülf’s self-titled debut is one of the most underappreciated records in all of rock. Suicidal Tendencies got the credit for the Venice scene and Cro-Mags are regarded as the fathers of crossover thrash, but Beowülf can make a strong case for those accolades. Tasteful use of double bass drum and gang vocals (what happens when you have 50 of your closest friends in the studio for the chorus) abound, making this album the circle pit soundtrack of ’86. Think Motörhead for cholos.”

Here is the official word from Dale Henderson:

“My favorite picture of my Brother……i cant speak right now, i am completly tore up…my soul aches….BUT, I know where hez at……him & Gina are together rejoicing….pain and addiction free…and looking over uz BWF BYZ………love you Mikey”

Randy “Rocket” Cody of comments:

“I am absolutely devastated to learn this news, and send out my deepest condolences to Dale, Mike’s family and friends, bandmates, and all of the BEOWÜLF boys and girls. Rest in peace, Milkbone, you are one of the greats, brother!”

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