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Rocket Interviews BVDLVD

Randy “Rocket” Cody of has conducted a new video interview with UK trap metal artist BVDLVD (pronounced “BadLad”). They discuss the rapper’s new album titled “Lunatic,” released in 2020 via Moves Recordings. Check it out down below.

BVDLVD’s third studio album, “LUNATIC” dropped last month in June and it has already amassed over 3.5 million streams. The album includes features by LA rapper Lil Darkie, German producer Pulse and a collaboration with Lyrical Lemonade’s latest star boy and 6IX9INE collaborator Jasiah on the track “SHUT DOWN.”

“LUNATIC is certainly an experience, with a caustic atmosphere reveling in dark, murky production. It’s a thrilling roller coaster ride, accompanied by some seismic visuals” – Clash Magazine

“With ‘Lun...

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ROCKET Interviews Noah Robinson of BLEED THE SKY

American heavy metal band, BLEED THE SKY, returns with a new album in 2020, combining both a renewed vigor and an outright pursuit to produce the heaviest music of the band’s career, so they could create their ultimate masterwork: “This Way Lies Madness,” and there is no doubt that metal fans all around the globe are going to love what this band delivers to the masses on January 17th, 2020 via Art Is War Records.

TMD’s Randy “Rocket” Cody recently conducted an interview with Noah Robinson, lead vocalist of BLEED THE SKY.

ROCKET: What is the meaning behind the title for your new album, “This Way Lies Madness,” and do you consider it a concept album? 

NOAH: For us, it was the concept of severing ties with all the negativity and grief that constantly held us back from ...

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ROCKET Interviews Bruce Corbitt

Legendary RIGOR MORTIS/WARBEAST vocalist, Bruce Corbitt, passed away in early 2019, and leaves behind a legion of fans who are going to miss his unmistakable voice and undeniable passion for Heavy Metal music. TMD’s creator/editor, Randy “Rocket” Cody, interviewed Bruce Corbitt prior to the debut Warbeast album being released via Philip Anselmo’s label Housecore Records in 2010. It would be Corbitt’s first official music release in 22 years, and his excitement for getting back into the game was child-like and totally inspirational.

ROCKET: What were the feelings you had after initially finding out Philip Anselmo was going to sign WARBEAST to his label Housecore Records?

BRUCE: Oh man, what a phone call that was for me. One of those moments that you will never forget...

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ROCKET Interviews Drummer Joey Gonzalez


Drummer Joey Gonzalez has developed into one of the hottest drummers in the metal scene today, lending his talents to heavy hitting bands like WARBEAST, HANK III, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS, and SUPERJOINT. The latter group has now unleashed a new studio album entitled “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application” via Housecore Records. The album is a masterpiece clinic in hardcore, punk and metal mixed into one violent concoction that will certainly leave the heavy music fiend foaming at the mouth begging for more.

The Metal Den’s Randy “Rocket” Cody has conducted a phone interview recently with drummer Joey Gonzalez.


ROCKET: Where were you born and raised?

JOEY: I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.

ROCKET: Are you the only professional musician in your family?


JOEY: Ma...

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ROCKET Interviews Jimmy Bower

TMD Rocks!

Jimmy Bower is a founding member of several of the most important metal bands over the past three decades, including EYEHATEGOD, DOWN and SUPERJOINT RITUAL – now just SUPERJOINT due to legal reasons. This year on November 11th the latter act will finally release their highly anticipated third full length album entitled “Caught Up in the Gears of Application” via Housecore Records, which is owned and operated by none other than the group’s legendary lead vocalist, and Bower’s fellow DOWN cohort, Philip H. Anselmo (Ex-PANTERA). The heavy punk sound that was heard on the first two albums is very evident on the debut single, “Sociopathic Herd Dillusion”, that was recently released.

THE METAL DEN’s Randy “Rocket” Cody has conducted a phone interview with guitarist and drummer Jimmy Bower f...

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ROCKET Interviews Guitarist Bill Lonero

TMD Rocks!

Instrumental rock guitarist Bill Lonero and his band, LONERO, gave birth to ‘Guitarcore’ with their first release entitled Relentless in 2007. Undoubtedly influenced by six-string heroes Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, and Joe Satriani, he is pushing the limits in both songwriting and shredding. Today on August 2nd, the guitar virtuoso and his rocking group have released The Defiant Machine studio album, the follow up to 2011’s J.F.L. – and they have certainly produced a fantastic collection of songs.

THE METAL DEN’s Randy “Rocket” Cody recently conducted an email interview with guitarist Bill Lonero of LONERO band for his loyal Den Headz around the globe.


ROCKET: How’s life been treating you?

LONERO: Fantastic!! No complaints here...

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ROCKET Interviews Bassist John Jarvis

TMD Rocks!

Rocket of TMD recently conducted a phone interview with bassist John Jarvis of SCOUR and PIG DESTROYER.

Today SCOUR has unleashed their debut EP via Housecore Records! This is black metal in its most brutal form!! Get out and support the underground of metal!!!


“After listening to the record for the first time, I knew immediately that these cats are on to something killer. SCOUR, a super metal band that teams Anselmo up with John Jarvis (PIG DESTROYER), Derek Engemann (CATTLE DECAPITATION), Chase Fraser (DECREPIT BIRTH) and Jesse Schobel (STRONG INTENTION), are straight ahead blackened death with no-frills...

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ROCKET Interviews Guitarist Brian Tatler Of DIAMOND HEAD

TMD Rocks!

Legendary NWOBHM band, DIAMOND HEAD, needs no damn introduction. If you claim to be a fan of this type of music and don’t know the immense influence they’ve had on two of the biggest names in the history of metal, METALLICA and MEGADETH… you probably have not been a headbanger for very long. Their most famous song, “Am I Evil?”, undoubtedly ranks as one of the best heavy songs ever written. Sure, they are no household name like METALLICA, and never sold a ton of records, but perhaps this is all about to change finally. In 2014, DIAMOND HEAD hired a talented new singer named Rasmus Bom Andersen, and then next cut their first full length album in nine years. The self titled record is simply going to blow away American fans once it releases in North America on June 3, 2016.


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TMD Rocks!

American cyber grindcore band, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, have unleashed a new EP, the first of four to be coming from the brutal outfit. The three-track release is titled Arc and was released on January 22, 2016, via Relapse Records. It is the first in a series of four EPs they will unleash, each highlights the specific musical influences of each of the band’s members. They blend the furious sounds of grind and hardcore with some seriously doom heavy moments. Their songs usually don’t last longer than one to two minutes but after ten seconds or less, anyone who is a fan of heavy music will undoubtedly fall in love with their vicious attack.

THE METAL DEN’s Randy “Rocket” Cody has conducted a phone interview with vocalist/bassist Richard Johnson Of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED for his loyal De...

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ROCKET Interviews Reverend Black Jack McBride


Arizona’s 2 IN THE CHEST are fronted by vocalist/guitarist Reverend Black Jack McBride. The band is best explained by their bio, which reads: “When you go see a show it’s way more than just the music, it’s like busting open the swinging doors of some eighteenth century saloon, bellying up to the bar, and not only hearing the amazing music but listening to stories from the old west that they tell during the performance. Everything 2 IN THE CHEST does is part of that story. The characters, the clothes, the vibe… all are pieces to the incredible puzzle that this band has put together...

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