SKINLESS – Debut New Song

U.S. death metal act SKINLESS return with their pulverizing sixth studio offering, aptly titled Savagery. Recorded by Tom Case at Doomsday Bunker Studio in New York and by Dave Otero (Primitive Man, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage) at Flatline Audio in Colorado, Savagery embodies ten slabs of rotting, aural remains across 37 minutes of titanic slams, untouchable grooves, mauling riffs and blood-thirsty, bestial growls. Savagery sees Skinless at the top of their game, more than 25 years into an untouchable reign of terror. Features stunningly sick cover art by renowned tattoo artist Jesse Levitt.

Listen to Skinless’ new song “Savagery” HERE.

Skinless’ sixth studio album Savagery is due out May 11, 2018 on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records...

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WORMED – Drummer Passes Away

Spanish technical death metal act WORMED (Season Of Mist) has announced the death of drummer Guillermo Calero. The band issued the following:

“We have just received a devastating new; with great regret we have to inform you that G-Calero (Guillermo Calero) passed away last Friday.

“From Wormed we want to give our deepest condolences to his family, to his closest friends and colleagues. We still can’t believe this has happened. We’re still shocked to know that our friend and bandmate has left so suddenly.

“Guille, wherever you are brother you will always be with us, you have been and will always be part of our little family. We love you friend, and we will never forget all the great moments we have lived together! Soon we will meet with you in that damn vacuum called cosmos.

(Guillermo ...

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CANDLEMASS – Launch “House Of Doom” Online Game

CANDLEMASS is back with an online game and a brand new soundtrack called House Of Doom. A message follows:

“Leif and Mats from Candlemass welcomes you to the House Of Doom. Behind every door there is doom… and metal. Stay around and subscribe to the newsletter to be among the first to enter every room.

“You are hereby officially invited to play the game and listen to Candlemass new soundtrack. To experience the House Of Doom, please pick your preferred House of Doom partner.”

House Of Doom is a unique game with bespoke music written by Leif Edling and performed by Candlemass...

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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Confirms Shows In Cuba

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES will be partaking in a career highlight with two shows lined up in Cuba this May. The shows are of particular importance to the band’s current drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, etc.), who commented:

“I’ve toured around the world all of my life and have never played the country I was born in. I finally get the chance to play in Cuba on May 7 and May 11 with Suicidal Tendencies.”
Suicidal Tendencies just released their new EP “Get Your Fight On!” last week.

Judging from their name, Suicidal Tendencies were never afraid of a little controversy. Formed in Venice, California, during the early ’80s, the group’s leader from the beginning was outspoken vocalist Mike Muir...

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SUFFOCATION – Vocalist Frank Mullen Leaving Band

Frank Mullen, vocalist and co-founder of death metal act SUFFOCATION, announced his retirement from full-time touring in 2012, but has appeared on the group’s two subsequent albums and has still performed with them occasionally. That arrangement looks to be coming to an end, however, as Mullen will be exiting Suffocation for good later this year after one final tour.

Mullen said: “I will be doing one last tour later this year. I will let you all know once the details are finalized.”

In a video posted to Mullen’s official Facebook page over the past weekend (see HERE), Mullen acknowledged his departure, adding “but there are new beginnings,” before going on to say that he is going to be a “full-time actor.”

A good four years separate rager Pinnacle of Bedlam from new killer Of the Dark...

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ECHOTIME – Release New Music Video

Italy’s prog masters ECHOTIME have just unleashed a brand new video of “Sickness”, taken from their latest rock opera “SIDE”, released last year via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS.

“Sickness” is a song about a father and his daughter, about addiction and loss, about anger and vengeance.


Alex Kage : Voice

Federico “Face” Fazi : Drums

Nicolas “Nick” Pandolfi : Guitar

Giacomo “Chris” Bartolini : Bass

(Federico “Smiths” Fabbri : Keys

We are so proud to announce the release of “SICKNESS” Music Video! Enjoy! ➤
Video shooting and editing by Filippo Cinotti – VMultimedia

Watch “Sickness” at the following link:

“Sickness” Lyrics:

A tear of joy divides my face
Is dressed of guilty and shame
Knocks on the temples

So fr...

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BLOOD OF THE WOLF – Streaming New Track

Blackened death metal act BLOOD OF THE WOLF are streaming “Scorched Earth Ceremony”, a track from the follow-up to the band’s 2015 debut I: The Law Of Retaliation. The new album, II: Campaign Of Extermination, will be released on April 7th. Listen to the new song below.

II: Campaign of Extermination was mixed and mastered by Joe Tiberi, February through August of 2017. All songs written and arranged by Blood of the Wolf.


“Thunder The Drums of War”
“Campaign Of Extermination”
“Beneditio Ultionis: Their Blood For My Glory”
“Erupting Volcanic Wrath”
“The Sword Is My Light And My Salvation”
“Scorched Earth Ceremony”
“With Fire And A Thousand Flashing Blades”
“A Sermon Of Slaughtered Foes”

Check out “Scorched Earth Ceremony” HERE.

Band Members

Mike Koniglio-Guitar and Vocals

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The Cannibal Club, Cheese Pizza And Human Meat Pies

The Cannibal Club, Cheese Pizza And Human Meat Pies

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

“The American people have the right to know and understand the laws they live under. And they tend to demand answers sooner or later.”

– John Podesta

Following up on a rumor that began to circulate on the net a couple months back claiming child flesh was being served to unwitting customers at Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC, I gathered up the courage and went deeper into the dark world of child killing for profit and my investigation uncovered many suspicious details, one included owner James Alefantis’ connection to pedophilia art collecting and the alleged involvement with shipping abducted kids as artwork.

Keep in mind, Comet Ping Pong is located less than 5 miles from the Whit...

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SKELETONWITCH – “Beyond The Permafrost” On Vinyl

SKELETONWITCH’s sophomore album “Beyond The Permafrost” will receive a limited edition blue with red and black splatter vinyl pressing on March 30th. Only 150 copies of it will be pressed with it set to be the first entry in Prosthetic Records‘ ‘splatter series’ reissues, which will continue to emerge throughout the year. Pre-orders can be found now at If you missed the news, the band recently parted ways with drummer Dustin Boltjes.

“Skeletonwitch was formed in 2003 in Athens, Ohio when guitarist Hedrick heard the demo tracks from Nate Garnette’s former band, Serkesoron, while they were both college students at Ohio University. Skeletonwitch released their first album, At One with the Shadows, on August 11, 2004 with Shredded Records...

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DIMEBAG DARRELL – MK Ultra Hitz: Part 1

DIMEBAG DARRELL – MK Ultra Hitz: Part 1

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

Nathan Gale did not go on a mass shooting rampage of his own free will.

I’ve determined through multiple pieces of evidence I have come across during my independent death investigation that late guitar hero, Darrell Abbott, of PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN fame was targeted by the United States government for assassination.

The new evidence I have not only proves MK Ultra is real and certainly has existed for many decades, but it also completely details how an unwitting American citizen can be ‘mind hijacked’ by Uncle Sam for insidious purposes.

To fully understand how something like this could happen, you need to get educated on the history of the MK Ultra program, the CIA ‘mind war’ operation, and com...

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