In a nutshell, the rundown on ‘Paid Sponsors’ at TMD’s site has changed over the years, recently a long term relationship was ended with premiere ad network Fixion Media.

At the start of 2017 I parted ways with my partner and am going totally solo today. My vision for the future is much more bolder. I specifcally want ‘cutting edge’ companies content to be appearing on my site and not just the same ‘generic’ ads everyone else is running. True innovation can only happen in the proper environment, right?

Okay, let me give you the cost. Keep in mind, ‘page views’ at TMD over the years have increased
dramatically, but remains unpredictable. The views at TMD’s site peaked at nearly 100,000 views in one month several years back, fluctuating down into the 20,000 range… or I could do 20,000 views in one day. It just depends on the content I am posting. Right now TMD is obviously very hot during April and is one of the most widely published rock webzines on the internet. No site appears on more rock radio sites, including iHeart affiliated sites, such as Philly’s WMMR, than THE METAL DEN. The overall reach of TMD news is in the millions within a 24 hour period on some days, so the site draws in a very wide audience of music lovers. I feel with the right combination of entertaining news content and ads offered to the reader, a serious explosion in growth for TMD will happen this year that will certainly push it to the next level.

Most companies work based off CPM (Cost Per Mille, i.e. Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

However, I do not offer CPM. I offer only ‘Flat Rate’, which is broken down this way:

This flat rate is set up for PR agents or record labels to use multiple ‘clients’ under one flat rate campaign, capped at four. They are each to be ‘rotated’ during this paid sponsorship period. For example, if doing a month long campaign, and you have 4 brands to market, they can each get 1 week placement on TMD’s sidebar advertising area. One ad rotates in after the other previous ad rotates out after one week.
TMD Rocks!
1 week period – $125

2 week period – $200

3 week period – $350

1 month period – $450

Let me know what works best to get started, and then I will send over payment instructions to secure your campaign with TMD via PayPal. Once your are on board then we can get started introducing your clients branding message to TMD’s vast worldwide audience of music consumers.

Horns UP,
Randy “Rocket” Cody