CHRIS CORNELL, The Cremation Of Care & Murder

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CHRIS CORNELL, The Cremation Of Care & Murder

(Part 3 of a 3 part report)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

The saga that is my ongoing Chris Cornell death investigation has nearly reached eight months, and I have continued to exam the late rock star’s life and the people around him before he was found dead, as a way to help the reader understand more clearly why I have arrived at my theory that Mr. Cornell was ‘suicided on May 17 in Detroit, because he was getting way too close to some very powerful people… and dark secrets they desperately need to keep from the public.

Actor Brad Pitt is tied to Chris Cornell, because they were friends, and Pitt was married to Angelina Jolie, a known MK Ultra victim and devil worshiper.

Actor Jon Voight of the film DELIVERANCE and THE CHAMP, believed to be a member of the Hollywood coven, was interviewed recently about the CIA:

“I have great admiration for all the people involved in intelligence, they do keep us safe and we get very good crops of people all the time,” Voight told Pop Tarts at the ‘Salt’ premiere last week.

He also pointed out that the very crucial role intelligence agents have in protecting the U.S. is often under-appreciated by the majority of Americans.

Is that so, Jon? Well, I find that laughable considering the cat is out of the bag on illegal government surveillance and mind hijacking of its citizens.

“Whenever we have been critical of them as we have been, we don’t take into consideration what they are sacrificing and what they do to keep us safe every day,” Voight stated.

So it is clear to see that Mr. Voight is now a mouthpiece for the deep state, and we are suppose to believe everything this hack actor spews forth, go it?

The CIA fluff piece continues:

Voight’s daughter, Angelina Jolie, also tells us she learned first-hand the personal sacrifices made by national security officials. While preparing to play an agent later accused of being a Russian spy in the new action film “Salt”, the Oscar-winning actress worked closely with former CIA agent Melissa Mahle.

Funny, they use the term ‘sacrifice’. That is the Luciferians way of mocking us Christians within their
garbage propaganda, understand? Both Voight and Pitt have attended the Bohemian Grove where the
infamous ‘Cremation of Care’ ritual happens, where purportedly a human being is sacrificed to Lucifer.

“We had long talks about the inability to talk to anybody in your family about what your daily life was and what your job was and how isolating that was and how lonely that was, and only when you’re retired are you able to really discuss your life, and what a huge relief that is,” Jolie said.

What about the inability for the one million kids that go missing in the US each year to ever see their loved ones again? Not that important, huh?

Why the hell is the mainstream not reporting on the obvious worldwide epidemic of child trafficking?

Not one report on any news program in America. It is stunning. And very telling.
And the late night assholes like Colbert make a big joke about #Pizzagate and spin it to be nothing but a conspiracy theory. Shame, shame, shame. God knows exactly what is going on and the wrath he has ready to unleash on these people is beyond frightening. It is very real. Trust me.

“The idea that it would take you 20 years until you’re able to have a real conversation with your husband over dinner, and not lie, and not hide something, is an extraordinary sacrifice that all these people make. And it makes for a very specific type of personality.” – Angelina “The Witch” Jolie

More mention of ‘sacrifice’, right? This crazy chick truly gets off on it.

Telling lies is a regular routine for high paid actors like Voight and Jolie. Use your head. Why would anyone believe anything out of these assholes mouths? Are y’all that inept that you’re going to let a a long practicing witch tell you that the CIA is more important than finding out the truth and getting justice for all of these missing kids?

Chris Cornell was against big brother and the evil billionaires ruining our lives, okay? He didn’t make those statements during his final gigs for no reason. He was angry, defiant and trying the best he could within the framework of the reality that was his life as a rock star to tell his fans we are in a very bad situation, thanks to the New World Order and the American Nazi’s Fourth Reich that has taken over my homeland over the past forty decades, using MK Ultra and false flag events to scare the people into submission, so they will not fight their evil agenda.

The Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove centers around a 40 foot tall owl.

“The owl is the symbol of Moloch or Molech, an aspect of Nimrod/Baal. Moloch demands the sacrifice of children and it was to this deity that the children of the Babylonians, Hebrews, Canaanites, Phoenicians and Carthaginians, were sacrificially burned. This picture provided visual support for the claims over many years that Druid rituals were being performed at the Grove with people in red robes marching in procession chanting to the Great Owl, Moloch. … The symbolism of being able to see in the dark and with a 360 degree range of vision are also appropriate for a Brotherhood deity. These world famous Brotherhood initiates at Bohemian Grove burn a Celtic wicker effigy at the start of their ‘camp’ to symbolise their ‘religion’.”

A local community newspaper, The Santa Rosa Sun, reported in July 1993 about the Cult of Canaan and the legend of Moloch at Bohemian Grove, but police investigations into alleged murders on the site have predictably led nowhere.


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