CHESTER BENNINGTON – Official Autopsy Report Released

TMD has been sent the official autopsy report for late LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington.

View it HERE.

Randy “Rocket” Cody of The Metal Den adds:

“I was told by the L.A. coroner’s office that upon my review of the autopsy report for Chester that I may ask additional questions about it, mainly why they had to do more “tests” as they told me this was the reason for the long delay. Though at this time they won’t tell me what kind of tests.”

Rocket’s acclaimed #TruthForChris and #TruthForChester investigations went viral earlier this year and were exposed to hundreds of millions. Thanks for all the support and wanting to get the answers to important questions concerning their cases that Chester and Chris so rightfully deserve.

“What my fans will come to learn very quickly after reading any of my worldwide acclaimed #Truth articles is that when it comes right down to it nobody is safe from being the target of a government sanctioned assassination.” – ROCKET

What is the truth?

The truth is the CIA and other intelligence agencies have played a big time role in the creation of ‘mainstream’ Satanic groups like the OTO and the Temple of Set (Michael Aquino), along with denying the existence of underground Satanic cults and Satanic crime, and calling anything a real journalist like me writes a “hoax”. For decades these Satanic groups have served as agency fronts for mind-control operations. When these demons traumatize, rape and eat children, they think nothing about it. What is termed Satanic Ritual Abuse AKA Sadistic Ritual Abuse is very real. It is not a joke. There has been a major effort to discredit all such stories from victims, ultimately labeling it False Memory Syndrome.

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