ROCKET To Launch The American Suicide Epidemic (T.A.S.E)

TMD’s creator and owner, Randy “Rocket” Cody, plans to launch The American Suicide Epidemic (T.A.S.E)


In honor of my niece, Jordan Rose, 24, who tragically committed suicide via hanging and passed away today on September 30th in Tarzana, California, I am asking for donations to help me kick start a new program for change called “The American Suicide Epidemic” promoted at THE METAL DEN site via an official website and social site platforms I plan to launch shortly that confronts the obvious suicide epidemic going on in America currently, most specifically in the rock n roll music industry… but also covering all walks of life hit by this, including the US military’s historic suicide problem where every day veterans of all ages and ethnicities are ending their own lives by their own hand.

While I am absolutely devastated by the loss of my family member to this hideous kind of tragedy, it is time that someone stands up and do something about it.

Jordan Rose Cody


Rest In Peace, My Beloved Angel

The recent presumed suicides of legendary rockers Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN) and Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK) stunned the world and I believe that the increasing numbers of youngsters across this country who are deciding to end their own lives is not only beyond alarming… but is a big red flag that something is indeed seriously wrong.

Why do American youth place such little value on their own life?

Are these high profile rock star suicides spawning ‘copycat’ suicides from the young kids that look up to them?

They sure are. I have been reading about other cases in the media for the past several months.

Now, like a nightmare come to life, one of my very own immediate family members has fallen victim.

I know my niece was a big fan of modern rock music acts like LINKIN PARK. It seems like today as a society we have accepted this increasing problem as a normal thing that happens, when we need to recognize it is not something that we can accept as ‘tolerable’ and something indeed can and will be done to stop human beings from ending their own lives.

“The Great American Suicide Epidemic” will produce a full length album to be released to
the masses via The Metal Den Records in 2018, and will feature the biggest names in heavy metal music and the proceeds will go toward increasing public awareness and creating more educative platforms online on this subject.

My goal is to help implement a new way of thinking when it comes to dealing with mental illness in our culture. I personally feel that big pharma is out of control and killing our citizens for huge profits. This is wrong. These drugs, in many cases, are being given to kids who are still in the critical early development stage of 13 or 14 and it is affecting their minds in a bad way as they enter into adulthood I feel.

In the case of my beloved niece Jordan Rose, she had been taking many different anti-depressants since she was in her early teens. Around the age of 13 until she passed away at 24. So half of her life she was on big league mind altering pharmaceutical drugs.

The sadder thing is this is not the first time ‘suicide’ has struck my immediate family. 24 years ago, in the mid nineties, my beloved aunt Tanya, who used to take me to Dodgers baseball games as a child, killed herself via slitting her wrists after being on the drug called Halcyon that was ultimately banned.

The terrible known side effects from these pharmaceutical drugs is what is pushing people to kill themselves.

My new website “The Great American Suicide Epidemic” will be a wide ranging resource for the hardest hit demographic, people in rock bands who are struggling, or even a young fan of theirs, or even someone maybe older that do not have anywhere to turn to for information still about how to properly manage depression and beat the impulse of wanting to take your own life.

1. I will write book reviews and conduct interviews with researchers plus investigators of Big Pharma, to help readers get a better idea of the full understanding of what these big pharmaceutical companies are doing exactly that is a detriment to the safety and well being of Americans of all ages and ethnicities.

2. I will personally write informative and educative articles that cover various perspectives at “The Great American Suicide Epidemic” site on how we can come together with solid ideas and solutions to best fight it so one day a frightening suicide event doesn’t hit your family.

3. I will operate both “The Great American Suicide Epidemic” Facebook and Twitter profiles, so that readers can interact with me on a more personal level and ask me questions directly as I post new articles.

If I can raise enough money (goal of $50,000), my promise is that I will do everything on my end
to make this new site happen, the full length album gets a commercial release in 2018 and I will 100% deliver awesome ‘world class’ content!

My research has already informed me that mental health issues like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and depression can all be cured with proper diet, therapy, exercise and supplementation. Of course the medical establishment profits greatly from having more people than ever consuming drugs to help combat mental health issues.

It’s time we start to show compassion for one another, the kind that truly makes a difference.

According to a report by Froma Harrop issued July 18, 2017:

“Ours is a nation in despair. U.S. suicide rates have surged to a 30-year high, and it’s not just among struggling middle-aged whites. Suicides by girls age 10 to 14 have spiked over the last 18 years. And there’s been a shocking surge in children 17 or under dying from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Since 1999, suicide rates have risen in every age group except the elderly, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Among women 45 to 64 it jumped an astounding 63 percent. For men that age, it was up 43 percent.

In their report on rising death rates among middle-aged white Americans:

“Princeton economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton referred to “deaths of despair” — early deaths caused by drugs and alcohol, as well as by suicide. They cited deteriorating job prospects and a decline in stable relationships as possible factors. Economic stress certainly plays a part. America’s suicide rate of 13 per 100,000 in 2014 was the highest since 1986. But that was much lower than during the Great Depression, when the suicide rate hit 22 per 100,000.”

The National Center for Health Statistics recently released a major study that examined the national trends in suicide. The results are frankly grim:

“The age-adjusted suicide rate in the United States increased a staggering 24 percent from 1999 to 2014. Increases were seen in every age group except for those 75 and above and in every racial and gender category except for black men. The national rate rose to 13 deaths per 100,000 people in 2014. Contrast that with homicide, which killed 5.1 Americans per 100,000 in 2013. We instinctively fear the murderer hiding in the bushes, but we are at far greater risk from ourselves.

My goal is to create an environment that does not just educate people on how to manage depression and get over the idea of wanting to attempt suicide but it will also hopefully inspire them to want to live out their full lives on earth as God intended based off the love and respect they have now developed for themselves.

The pain I have had to endure when losing a loved one to suicide is not something I would
wish upon my worst enemy.

I am a living testimonial that a clean and healthy life is the key to survival. I myself once lived on the streets of Los Angeles for 2 years. I have seen and done it all, and the only way I was able to conquer my demons was to get some therapy, get right with God and stop abusing drugs + alcohol. I am also proudly married to my lovely wife Hope Cody for 9 years currently. She is my best friend and biggest fan.

Please show your support and help me get this important project off the ground in a big way to not only honor my late niece, Jordan Rose, but to show all of the vast millions of loved ones who committed suicide over the past decades that their memory is important too and we are going to
stand together as a community and fight back for all of them once and for all.



Randy “Rocket” Cody

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