The dork from MASTODON is desperately in need of publicity. He has gone on the record recently stating that he does not think JUDAS PRIEST is a metal band. That has to be without a doubt the stupidest comment I have ever heard from anyone in my lifetme. Rob Halford is THE METAL GOD, for those of us who are actual fans of this genre of music. His out of this world singing for legendary JUDAS PRIEST crushes anyone else in the entire world, and has now for several decades, umm… ever heard of “Breaking The Law”, “Electric Eye”, “Painkiller”, all-time great HEAVY METAL classics, right? I have witnessed Rob singing in big and small venues and he always gives his fans 100% no matter how many are in the crowd. I saw him in early 2000’s at House of Blues on Sunset Strip, with maybe a couple hundred people and he sang his balls off!! And you know what else, you will never hear Rob talk shit about other musicians. He is a class act when he could do and say what he wants, right?

Halford is THE METAL GOD!

Honestly, the more that I think about it. Mastodork band is probably the least heavy hard rock group on the scene today yet I cut y’all a break and still allow your music to be promoted on my worldwide acclaimed site. Well, it looks like you’re the one who needs to take a closer look at your own music. I listened to some of your new album and it totally sucks balls. Even your loyal fans hate it, dicks! So really you are all talk and no action when it comes to throwing down HEAVY METAL! Where are all your crushing riffs like Dimebag’s that stand the test of time? LOL You cunts cannot even play a proper shredding solo!! Fuck you, you stupid desperate for attention media butt sluts! Rob Halford is 1,000,000 times more METAL than you will ever dream of being in your stupid fat head, got it? Come back to reality and realize you are not as big of a rock act as you like to think you are.

“Who in their right mind that has a brain in their head thinks
that Judas Priest sounds like a metal band?”
– Brent Hinds, Mastodon

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