CRADLE OF FILTH – Issue Studio Update

CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth has checked in with an update:

“First true day of Spring here today in the East of the Angel Isle. Driving to the studio through the countryside listening loudly to Judas Priest and in my bliss narrowly avoiding (at least I hope) a cunningly concealed police speed trap.

The Cradle album is coming along famously; I’m nearing finishing all the initial vocal tracks, though there will be some combing through to do as we start mixing in the choir and orchestration over the coming few weeks. It’s sounding f**king awesome thus far!”

Bassist Daniel Firth has checked in with an update last month:

“As of Thursday night (February 2nd), the bass for the new Cradle album is complete. It was an intense few days in the studio, but the end results were very much worth it. The bass tone takes no prisoners! We’re really pushing it to the next level with this album, and I’m very happy with how it’s sounding so far.

Thanks to Scott Atkins of Grindstone Studio for the hard work and striving to get the very best out of me, as always. Thanks also to Schecter Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, Seymour Duncan and Rotosound Music Strings for all your help and awesome gear.

Source: BW&BK

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