OVERKILL – New Music Video Released

OVERKILL’s “Shine On” music video has been unleashed today and can be viewed below. The song comes off their latest album, “The Grinding Wheel” (Reviewed HERE).

“While other old school metal acts have become more mainstream and have dulled around the edges, Blitz and the boys are bringing the pain at a level that only a few other bands going today half their age can match. Produced by the band, with Andy Sneap handliing mixing and mastering the slamming effort kicks off with “Mean, Green, Killing Machine”, which is a totally killer and epic tune clocking in at seven and a half minutes, followed by the go for the throat “Goddamn Trouble” and absolutely brilliant “Our Finest Hour”.” – Rocket, TMD

Although everybody seems to have a different account of who came first in the world of New York/New Jersey area thrash metal, it seems certain that New Jersey’s Overkill have stayed around the longest, and have never let their fans down by remaining musically consistent and true to their roots for over 20 years and an unprecedented 14 full-length albums. Through much hard work and a slew of infamous live performances at New York area clubs like L’Amours, Overkill established a reputation as a blue-collar, working man’s metal band. After the band released a self-financed EP in 1984, Overkill broke onto the scene in 1985 with Feel the Fire, a crushing thrash assault on Megaforce Records, the label to beat when it came to 80’s thrash. The self-proclaimed “Wrecking Crew” – originally consisting of vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, bassist D.D. Verni, guitarist Bobby Gustafson, and drummer Rat Skates – were on a tear, borrowing heavily from punk rock roots while adding a venomous metal crunch that allowed them to compete favorably with peers like Testament, Anthrax, and Megadeth.

By 1987’s Taking Over, the band had worked their way up to a deal with Atlantic Records. This relationship would last another 7 years based on the strength and consistency of Overkill’s music.

Source: The PRP


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