Nick Menza’s Final Interview

TMD Rocks!

The late drumming legend who died on the stage from heart failure at the age of 51 in 2016 discussed with The Wave NW – in what is believed to be his final interview ever – the difference between the “raw energy” when MEGADETH recorded albums in the studio live compared to the way they get made today. Here are a few excerpts from the discussion:

Nick: “We rehearsed Rust In Peace for a year, then we went into the studio and we cut it live. There’s no click track on that record – it’s really raw and has a lot of energy. Rust In Peace is the milestone album, because it’s not using the click, it’s about being tight. You’ve got to go into the studio and be prepared.

The next record, Countdown To Extinction, is done to click and it’s overdubbed. It captured the energy live, but nothing like Rust In Peace. Using the clicking track puts the ‘overhead’ on – the governor – which only lets you break out into a certain energy field, where you can’t get crazy the way you would live.

If you play to a click, it’s done. You’re done. The energy stagnates and gets sterile and I can’t even sit through that. It’s not gonna happen. If you go in and write the songs on the spot, then you don’t really play what occurs naturally, if you play it a 1000 times.”

Listen to the interview in its entirety HERE.

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