DER ELEFANT – Release New Music Video


November 26, 2016 – DER ELEFANT, the new German-American instrumental trio featuring TARJA band members Alex Scholpp (FARMER BOYS, TIEFLADER) on guitar, Kevin Chown (BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, COSMOSQUAD, SEBASTIAN BACH) on bass, and Timm Schreiner on drums, have released their debut video ‘Elefante’, one of 3 songs off their forthcoming eponymous EP. The track can be viewed at this location:

Born from the roots of the aggressive metal, powerful dynamic grooves or tastefully placed soul refined solo guitars, DER ELEFANT a unique and fresh instrumental band with a dangerous edge on a mission to make a statement with music without words, offering to the listener and viewer a visually-stimulating soundtrack to a dark conversation. “Me, Alex and Timm spend a lot of time together on the road so we talk about things that matter, or at least should”, states Chown. “And we love to RAWK!!! This is the marriage of conversation with just doing what we do. I guess, you could say we are speaking with the images you are seeing upon the music you are hearing. That’s why I love instrumental music. The lyrics are unique to each listener. As musicians, we let YOU decide. However, in the era where we make a video and show you what WE think it all means, it kind of lets you know a little more in-your-face. The name DER ELEFANT comes from a simple truth: Humanity is too fragile to not be discussing things that should be discussed. Big and small, we have a weakness to confronting truth till another time. The elephants in all our rooms. Or cultures. Or whatever reality you want. The elephants are everywhere.”

Due out December 12, ‘Elefante’ was produced by Alex Scholpp, with engineering by Roland Böffgen and David Bowman, and mixed and mastered by Siggi Bemm (THE GATHERING, TIAMAT, GRIP INC.) at Woodhouse Studio in Hagen, Germany. Scholpp, Chown and Schreiner will be hitting the road again with TARJA next week when the band will film their November 29 Milan, Italy show for her ‘Act 2’ DVD.

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