American progressive metal act TOTAL ECLIPSE are led by vocalist Andy Dracons Giardina and have returned in 2013 with a self released full length album entitled “Kukulcan”, an homage to the Supreme God of light of the Mayans,”Quetzalcoatl”. Giardina produced the collection of nine tracks with first mixing done by Yosh Haraguchi at Faultline Studios in San Francisco, California and additional mixing handled by Pete Deutscher (drummer for Megadeth cover band Five Magicks) at Potrero Post Studios in 2011.

The album kicks off with the hard hitting “Avenger”, followed by “Deluge of Fire” and the pummeling “Resolution”. The listener will certainly hear the influences of Ronnie James Dio, along with Superjoint Ritual, W.A.S.P., and Cradle of Filth. There’s a bit of a rough edge to the production that gives it that early demo sound as if you are listening to some cool relic from the 80’s, which lends itself to the overall homage to underground metal music that Giardina is going for.

My favorite songs are “Rise Of The Oppressor”, “State of Repossession” and the title track “Kukulcan”, and any fan of thrashing progressive music will want to pickup a copy of “Kukulcan”, more than being totally ambitious, it shows Total Eclipse is back and more fierce than ever.


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TOTAL ECLIPSE – “Kukulcan” (CD)

(Self Released/2013)

1. Avenger
2. Deluge of Fire
3. Resolution
4. Rise Of The Oppressor
5. Airlift/ Blood-Drenched Sands of Babylon
6. State of Repossession
7. Kukulcan
8. Slaughtering the Whore of Babylon- Part I. the Siege/ Laying Down the Ramparts_part II. Destroying the Dragon With Magickal Runes of War
9. Where Your Body Lies

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