Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted returns to thrash in 2013 with a four song debut EP simply entitled Metal. Joining him on the effort are Jesus Mendez Jr. on drums and Jessie Farnsworth handling lead guitar and backing vocals. Is it any good? The war tune “Soldierhead” gets things rocking straight out the gate, with its obvious nod to MOTÖRHEAD. It’s fast, gritty and you will not be able to listen to this track just once. It grows on you like a bad skin disease and fills you with enough testosterone to fight an army all by yourself.

At some points I found myself enjoying this song more than just about anything METALLICA has released since The Black Album. Why did it take Jason so long to come back to his roots? It makes you scratch your head when you hear how solid the musicianship is. On the second and third tracks, “Godsnake” and “King of the Underdogs”, they are able to find a truly unique groove as a band that is rare nowadays. Newsted has more than an adequate singing voice. Sure, he’s no Halford, but for me, the dude definitely gives it hell. And it works. Big time.

Track four’s “Skyscraper” is my favorite tune. This song slams. Newsted is at his most gritty, and the vocals simply soar over the music. Great lyrics on top of it. This is some quality shit right here.
Any fan of metal music will definitely want to add Metal to their collection. I just hope he will release a proper full-length one day soon and dig in a bit deeper, because this is one of metal’s very elite and Newsted is most certainly a force to be reckoned with.


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NEWSTED – “Metal” (EP)

(Chophouse Records/2013)

1. Soldierhead
2. Godsnake
3. King of the Underdogs
4. Skyscraper

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