BLACK SABBATH – 1970 Live Soundboard Recording!


The Metal Den has obtained a 1970 soundboard recording of BLACK SABBATH performing “Hand of Doom”. The classic track comes off the group’s legendary Paranoid album which was released in September of 1970.

It has been established by rock historians that this recording is live at Montreux Festival on 8-31-1970, and it’s being touted already by many as the greatest sounding BLACK SABBATH bootleg ever discovered.

Listen to the historic audio below!

2 comments to BLACK SABBATH – 1970 Live Soundboard Recording!

  • avatar The Sanity Inspector  says:

    Too bad I’m here at wo-errr!!, I mean, too bad I’m not at home right now. Have to cue this up this evening.

  • avatar victor arduini  says:

    So where is the rest of the show ? I can’t imagine only one song got recorded. This is freakin amazing !!! Love Live The Original Black Sabbath

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