KISS – Early Demo “Mistake”


TMD unearths a never before released or circulated demo entitled “Mistake” by legendary rockers KISS. The song is a straight up country and western ballad, featuring acoustic guitars, bottleneck slides and an overall sound more along the lines of WICKED LESTER than even an acoustic gem like “Hard Luck Woman”. It is believed this rare track was recorded at the same sessions as “Rock And Roll All Nite” in 1975. As it stands it is the earliest demo for an unreleased KISS song known to exist!

Listen to the extremely rare track HERE!

2 comments to KISS – Early Demo “Mistake”

  • avatar Rex  says:

    I Love this song great writing. Should have released it years ago. Paul could have worn a cowboy hat!

  • avatar Lola Sunset  says:

    These songs are great wish I had them on mp3 :/

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