BLACK SABBATH – California Jam ’74 Pro-Shot Footage!


TMD has uncovered rare pro-shot footage of BLACK SABBATH performing “Killing Yourself To Live” at the historic California Jam concert. The event was held at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California on April 6, 1974, and it attracted 200,000 fans that paid, which at the time, set the record for the highest paid attendance and highest gross in history. Unlike other rock festivals such as Woodstock, the concert was not planned for release as a film or sound recording. However, several portions of it were broadcast live on the ABC television network, which was also a sponsor of the show. The audio portion of the event was also broadcast in stereo on FM radio stations.


The legendary BLACK SABBATH band just turned forty years old and although Ozzy recently nixed the idea of another ‘reunion’ this year, the masters of doom can be seen here in this footage at the height of their fame and is truly a rock gem. Watch the classic performance below!

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5 comments to BLACK SABBATH – California Jam ’74 Pro-Shot Footage!

  • avatar John  says:

    Cool. Great song. Ozzy and Tony Iommi doing the fringe thing.

  • avatar Scott Lifshine  says:

    The only thing “Pro” that came out of the California Jam is my broadcast quality soundtrack.

  • avatar Sid777  says:

    “The only thing “Pro” that came out of the California Jam is my broadcast quality soundtrack.”

    I dunno, bro… but this footage looks pretty damn pro to me. It’s better than
    most live footage of bands you see from this era for sure.

    Keep up the great work TMD!

  • avatar thebertbear  says:

    I was there. I was 13 went with my aunt & uncle. $10 a ticket and the high was free. I’ve been a Sabbath fan since I first heard Paranoid. There was a show called Inconcert on ABC that had some pretty good footage. There’s been nothing close to the Jam since, not even Cal Jam 2. My question is why can’t they do something like this again?

  • avatar karl  says:

    Footage of Black Sabbaths performance of Children of the Grave,at the California Jam in front of over 200,000 people is Awesome,,,ive never seen anything like it…

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