RANDY RHOADS – Isolated “Mr Crowley” Guitar Track!


TMD has uncovered yet another Randy Rhoads isolated guitar track. This one comes from the song “Mr Crowley”, featured on Ozzy Osbourne’s classic 1980 Blizzard Of Ozz album. You will only hear Don Airey’s distinctive ‘funeral organ’ playing along with Rhoads on the recording – right at the start and again at the very end.

To hear Randy’s guitar by itself is surely a dream come true. His playing just sounds so amazingly sharp and aggressive in its attack. It will give you that incredible feeling you got after first hearing ‘Blizzard’ all those years ago. If you are only now first learning of Randy as a guitarist, this couldn’t be a better, more pure way – of being introduced to the legend.

This coming March 19th will mark 28 years since Randy was killed tragically in a plane wreck, leaving a gaping hole in the soul of Rock N Roll music. Now you can celebrate his incredible musical legacy… by spending some time alone, one on one , with the late guitar wizard himself. Listen to the track below!


One comment to RANDY RHOADS – Isolated “Mr Crowley” Guitar Track!

  • avatar Keith Crovisier  says:

    Thank you for the putting Rhoads up here for us all to hear. Wow, 28 years ago at age 28…. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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