MEGADETH’s Dave Mustaine: “Thank You For The Fan Mail”


The main man of MEGADETH took time out recently to hit up the band’s online forum and answer a letter that was sent to him. His response is addressed to a Droogie (Megadeth fan) named Draven from Surrey, B.C., Canada.


Thank you for the fan mail that you took the time to write and send me; in fact thank you to everyone that snail mails me fan mail still. I am writing to answer your letter, which is very unlike how I usually do this. I am forced to do it here because I have had the letter and the envelope go in two different directions.

Anyway, I read your letter and I agree with you about some people can be dumb when the judge you for the t-shirt you are wearing, or that you like the band you do and are not following the bands that they like.

You also had a question about how to play better, and I can be heard giving those tips on Megadeth Radio or at TheLiveLine. If you don’t hear it there, keep listening and checking back in because we are always in the process of updating stuff. This happens the most when I get back from tours when I have free time.

Have a great weekend my Droog!”


9 comments to MEGADETH’s Dave Mustaine: “Thank You For The Fan Mail”

  • avatar George Salas  says:

    Hello Dave you have a tour set up coming to El Paso, Tx and I know that you’re a big fan of mexican food. I’d like to treat you and the band to lunch. El Paso is FULL of great mexican restaurants but I know one in particular that stands out. Let me know. Thanks alot!

  • avatar Dan Saucier  says:

    hey whatsup?? im going to be at the joe louis on the 19th seeing you and slayer.. kick some ass man, and maybe give a shout out to your biggest fan Dan before angry again, my favorite song of yours????

  • avatar diane in pa  says:

    Dangerous Dave,
    I made it to my first Megadeth concert a week ago and it was the best concert that I’ve ever been to. I will definitely be attending more Megadeth shows. Thank you so much for making the show so fun. I hope that you will be back in North Eastern, pa again very soon. Hmmmmmm………Maybe for a book signing with the upcoming new year. HINT HINT…………

    Okay. Thank you again. You are such an awesome entertainer!!


  • avatar Dominic  says:

    Dear Dave Mustaine, I just wanted to say thanks.
    Your music has really powerful meaning and inspires me to do a lot, singing and playing the guitar. I wish I could get the chance to meet you in person, but that’s okay, hehe, I also wish I could get a fan letter. But that’s okay also, at least as long as you’ll see this and know how much I apperciate you and the bands work.
    Well thanks for listening, good-bye, take care! 🙂

  • avatar Dave Lachance  says:

    dear dave mustaine

    if this is really dave mustaine from megadeath, can never be for sure now a days…. im looking at a getting a tattoo of some of your lyrics, but would like to do it in your actuall hand writing or printing. is there any way i could send you the lyrics i want and you can write them out for me and sent them via mail to me…. that would be the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me…. thanks so much how to hear back form you

  • avatar andrew stoiko  says:

    Dear Dave; I want to wish you a special Blessed 50 th birthday with many more healthy, prosperous years to come ! Your life is an inspiring and special account of hard work, overcoming many obstacles through faith in CHRIST. Keep fighting the good fight, you are inspiring many, many people with your message. Thank you especially for taking a stand of faith in Christ, may God reward you and guide you always. From the Martial Arts, to being outspoken for exposing the truth in the cd ENDGAME to your faith in Christ ,you are a STAND UP MAN ! Keep up your good works and may God bless you and your entire family/band.

    Andrew J Stoiko

  • avatar chris  says:

    have you heard about the study that found those with lower iq’s are more likey to be conservative. that makes you a savant at being stupid. your music has always sucked it all sounds the same basically i tthink that your are an ignorant, rascist, prick.


    PS: chicanos will be taking back calif, ariz, texas, and the land of enchantment the heart of atzlan nuevo mexico. Viva Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Alice  says:

    Has Dave Lost his mind endorsing rick santorum? Dave your music does not reflect the gop agenda. Peace sells but who’s buying? The gop is definietly not for peace. Starting wars for there profit. (Letting thousands of our soilders die for a senseless war). They are the true evil. The drugs you’ve taken finally have eaten your brain cells. I’ve gone the born again route and its a bunch of bullshit. If you open your eyes you’ll see it just another way of controlling you.They just want to push there agenda, and its not the sermon on the mount,It’s Tax breaks for the rich, send poor people to war, consertives want live babys so we can raise them to be dead soilders for there wars. Rick santorum said” If your wife gets raped you can’t abort the zygote because its a gift from god”. So your wife has to see her rapiest face for the rest of her life.
    Your music is going to suck now because every song has to be about jesus. Seriously snap out of it. TELL ME SOMETHING ITS STILL WE THE PEOPLE RIGHT? As soon as you become born again you have to vote gop. They really got you F’ed up, your falling right into place. Come on man where’s your balls?

  • avatar Alice  says:

    Speak you mind us less you don’t like whats written you should say.
    I see freedom of speach is not practiced here.

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