CHRIS CORNELL – “Optimistic” & “Happy” In His Final Days

The mystery behind the shocking death of SOUNDGARDEN singer Chris Cornell continues to get more strange with each passing day. Now today Chris Cornell’s longtime manager weighs in on the tragic situation.

Speaking to CNN, Laffitte said: “Nobody saw this coming, his bandmates didn’t see this coming.

It’s totally out of character for the Chris that I’ve known and worked with for the last ten years.

It’s incredibly bizarre. I have to think that something threw him off the tracks … he must have been out of his right mind.”

By all accounts, however, Chris was in his right mind. People that were around him after the show said he was fine and there was no mention by his wife that he was upset. He was irritated at his crew he said, and took two Ativan pills to help mellow out.

Although a ful...

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BROKEN HOPE – Release New Music Video

Straight from the butcher’s block, check out the official music video for a brand new BROKEN HOPE head banger “The Carrion Eaters”. Watch it below.

“The Carrion Eaters” is the second single off Mutilated and Assimilated. The video, directed by Maciej Pieloch executes sumptuous gluttony digested in savage death metal as it reveals the twisted feeding rituals of cadaver craving subhumans.

Brought forth in 1988, BROKEN HOPE was the brainchild of guitarist/chief-lyricist-songwriter, Jeremy Wagner. Though Jeremy was still attending High School, his passion and drive for bringing the band out of obscurity was apparent from the start. In 1989 and 1990, BROKEN HOPE recorded two demo tapes which landed them a deal with the underground label, Grind Core records...

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MUNICIPAL WASTE – Premiere New Song

A stream of the title track to MUNICIPAL WASTE’s new album “Slime And Punishment” has been posted online. Check it out below via a 360° video. The album is slated for a June 23rd release date on Nuclear Blast and the band will be out on this summer’s ‘Vans Warped Tour’.

Dedicated to keeping the spirit of the 1980’s cross-over scene alive, it was with their uncontrollable mirth and succinct songs that lead MUNICIPAL WASTE to reap the rewards of their hard work...

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THE FACELESS – Cancels European Tour

Two weeks after flaking on a scheduled tour of Australia, THE FACELESS has now cancelled their July tour dates in Europe. As is their tendency, the band hasn’t publicly announced their decision, but rather the news comes via organizers of the UK Tech Metal Fest, who issued this:

“We regret to inform you that The Faceless have cancelled all EU Dates this year, we are awaiting an official statement from the band. Apologies to anyone who was hoping to see them, we have done everything within our power to make this dream a reality! We would like to thank Artery Global and their agent Liam John Byrne for their professionalism in handling the matter and their support for Tech-Fest, they too have done all they can to make this happen...

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CHRIS CORNELL – Did His Ex-Wife Stage His Suicide?

Today it was reported that a source connected to the death investigation of late SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell says that obvious “needle tracks” were found on the deceased rocker’s arm and they were fresh.

Well why wasn’t this reported before by the bodyguard if it was so obvious?

What makes this announcement so suspicious is that yesterday it was reported that Chris Cornell’s body was being cremated ahead of the funeral on Friday.

Destroy the evidence.

Let’s get a key detail out in the open. Cornell’s ex-wife was SOUNDGARDEN’s manager. Her name is Susan Silver. They had by all accounts a very troubled past. As the story goes, Silver was very bitter about their divorce still. Their failed marriage was apparently the reason SOUNDGARDEN split up...

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DECAPITATED – Release New Album Teaser Video

Poland’s DECAPITATED have released a teaser video for their upcoming seventh album Anticult, slated to be out July 7th via Nuclear Blast. Watch the teaser HERE.

“Anticult represents the legacy and future of Decapitated,” said guitarist Vogg. “We’re extremely proud of the record, in both the song compositions and the production. This is the best representation of our music and we’re really excited for the world to hear it!”

The album’s massive musical leap forward is evidenced by “Never”. It’s a song with an incredible bite and retains Decapitated’s signature fury. But it’s also undeniably catchy and takes up residence in your brain and stays there.

“”Never”, the first track we are showcasing from the record, is fast, it’s technical, and most importantly, it’s heavy,” Vogg commented...

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DECREPIT BIRTH – First In-Studio Video Posted

U.S. tech death metal act DECREPIT BIRTH have unleashed the first in-studio video discussing the recording process for fourth studio album, “Axis Mundi,” due out on July 21st via Agonia Records (Europe / ROW) and Nuclear Blast Records (North America).

The track listing is:

1. Vortex of Infinity…Axis Mundi
2. Spirit Guide
3. The Sacred Geometry
4. Hieroglyphic
5. Transcendental Paradox
6. Mirror of Humanity
7. Ascendant
8. Epigenetic Triplicity
9. Embryogenesis
10. Orion
11. Desprate Cry
12. Infecting the Crypts

For the better part of their 16-year existence, California-based death metallers Decrepit Birth haven’t followed the rules...

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MINISTRY – Australian/New Zealand Headlining Tour Dates

MINISTRY have booked their first-ever Australian/New Zealand headlining tour in September/October with the below run of shows booked. Filter will be direct support on select stops of the tour.

9/20 Christchurch, NZ – The Foundry Bar
9/22 Auckland, NZ – The Studio
9/25 Perth, AUS – Astor Theatre
9/26 Hindmarsh, AUS – The Gov

With Filter:

9/27 Sydney, AUS – Metro Theatre
9/30 Melbourne, AUS – Forum
10/01 Brisbane, AUS – Tivoli

No one wrestles victory out of the clenched jaws of defeat quite like Ministry leader Al Jourgensen.


Grammy nomination, Under My Thumb (2008), Cover Up album
Grammy nomination, Bad Blood (2000), Dark Side of the Spoon & Matrix Soundtrack
Grammy nomination, Senor Peligro (2010) Adios Putas Madres
Grammy nomination, The Great Satan (2005) Rant...

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WHITE WIZZARD – Signs With M-Theory Audio

2017 marks the return of WHITE WIZZARD. Mainman and bassist Jon Leon returns energized and re-joined by classic members vocalist Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue for a new album of timeless heavy metal coming via M-Theory Audio.

“White Wizzard is very excited to be signing with Marco Barbieri and M-Theory Audio. I’ve had several talks with Marco about his new label over the past few months and felt we shared a similar vision,” explains Jon Leon.

He goes on to say, “I came away feeling he was a really good guy and in the music industry for the RIGHT reasons and I felt like I could trust him, which is rare for me in this business. That inspired me to take a chance on someone that is on a path that I feel will be successful...

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CHRIS CORNELL – Top 10 Reasons He Did Not Kill Himself!

TMD Rocks!

As the world awaits the toxicology report of late SOUNDGARDEN vocalist Chris Cornell, whose death on May 18th was ruled a suicide by hanging, many other questions surrounding the tragic demise of the popular singer remains unanswered. Whether or not foul play is ever revealed in this strange case, TMD proposes the top 10 reasons why the legendary rocker did not take his own life.

1. After the autopsy was completed and a ‘suicide due to hanging’ ruling was made public, Vicky Cornell, his wife, immediately made it known she does not believe Chris killed himself, for he never showed any signs to anyone during his final days that he was depressed. She also posted an open letter to her husband most recently, stating: “I will fight for you.”


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