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MEGADETH – 2017 “Wacken Open Air” Concert Stream

MEGADETH are streaming their set from the 2017 ‘Wacken Open Air‘ in Wacken, Germany. The band’s vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine will also be popping into the YouTube chat to talk to fans during the premiere, which will commence at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT.

That performance saw the band play the following setlist:

Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
In My Darkest Hour
The Threat Is Real
Sweating Bullets
Conquer Or Die!
Lying In State
Poisonous Shadows
Fatal Illusion
Tornado Of Souls
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

In other news, the band have launched some new merch to benefit their road crew and production team during these uncertain times...

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FROZEN SOUL – Sign With Century Media Records

FROZEN SOUL of Dallas, Texas lives up to its name as death metal at its coldest and most classic. Now, having stirred the underground with their four song demo-turned-EP Encased In Ice (via California’s Maggot Stomp Records) and a string of unforgettable live shows across the US, Frozen Soul have inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records.

“As I’ve grown and gotten further and further into heavy music, Century Media’s rich history in death metal has played a huge role in developing me as a musician: from Grave and Deicide to Blood Incantation and Skeletal Remains we’re honored to be part of that legacy,” says frontman Chad Green.

Formed in 2018 by Green and guitarist Michael Munday, who were both also handling caveman duties with local bonecrushers, End Times, Frozen Soul...

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PERIPHERY – Release New Live Video

PERIPHERY have posted a new live video for their song “Follow Your Ghost” which features video shot and edited by Randy Edwards during the band’s Periphery IV: Hail Stan touring cycle. You can check it out above.

“With a sound that pushes at the boundaries of progressive metal, Periphery are at the forefront of the “djent” movement, utilizing detuned, extended-range instruments to create a sound that’s as technically dizzying as it is heavy, joining in with the growing ranks of artists who are taking the framework laid down by bands like Meshuggah and running wild with it...

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SUICIDE SILENCE – To Release “Overlord” Track

SUICIDE SILENCE will be giving an official release to their “Become The Hunter” b-side track “Overlord” this coming Friday, May 1st. The band recently debuted the song publicly during a livestreamed event. For now, a tease of the track can be heard HERE.

“Our previously unreleased b-side track “Overlord” from the Become The Hunter sessions will be released this Friday, May 1st!

“Pre-save it now and have it added to your library the moment it’s released.”

“American deathcore group that draws on elements of black metal, grindcore, mathcore and groove metal, Suicide Silence emerged in 2007 with the punishing full-length debut, The Cleansing...

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SEPULTURA – Launch Weekly Web Series

SEPULTURA has launched a new weekly webseries dubbed ‘SepulQuadra‘ today, April 29th. The event will be held each Wednesday for the time being at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT and will find the members of the band engaging in a Q&A session while also performing material live. A previously revealed initial performance from the series for the band’s track “Isolation” can be found here.

“From their humble beginnings in Belo Horizonte, Sepultura became the most successful Brazilian heavy metal band in history...

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OBSCURA – Rejoined By Former Bassist

Legendary bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Quadvium, Salazh Trio, ex-Pestilence) has rejoined German progressive death metal act ObSCURA as a permanent member after a nine-year break. Thesseling, known for his signature fretless playing in death metal and world-fusion, joined Obscura in 2007 and recorded the band’s critically acclaimed full-length albums Cosmogenesis (2009) and Omnivium (2011), both released via Relapse Records.

“Perhaps fans are somewhat surprised about my comeback. After leaving Obscura in 2011, we stayed in touch and over the years I’ve visited some of their concerts. Since the departure my main focus has been on exploring 7-string bass guitar and playing different genres...

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THE AGONIST – Working On New Material

Despite the fact that they have not completed the touring cycle for their September 2019 release “Orphans“, THE AGONIST have confirmed that they have been spending their quarantine downtime working on new material. The band comments:

“WE ARE WRITING NEW MUSIC. All this time spent at home means that are way ahead in the creative process! The touring cycle of Orphans is not yet over, so we’re committed to staying busy. Metal will never die!”

The band were forced to their spring North American touring with Fleshgod Apocalypse amid COVID-19 concerns.

“Emerging out of the late-2000s metallic deathcore scene, Montreal, Canada’s the Agonist enjoyed international success with albums like 2009’s Lullabies for the Dormant Mind and 2012’s Prisoners, which established their mix of am...

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POWERWOLF – Start Work On New Album

POWERWOLF have announced work on a brand new studio album, slated to be released in 2021! While the band is currently getting ready for the release of their upcoming special album, Best Of The Blessed, on July 3, 2020 via Napalm Records, guitarist Matthew Greywolf has just commented the exciting news as follows:

“Even some months before the world went into lockdown I started locking myself in my studio to start writing new songs for the eighth Powerwolf album, and by now there’s quite a bunch of exiting stuff, which I´m working on with Attila as we speak. Lots of energy and hooks – we’re thrilled and excited! We expect to start recording by the end of the year, and 2021 will definitely bring a new Powerwolf chapter. Until then – stay at home, stay safe & healthy!”

To shorten ...

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NAPALM DEATH – Cancel Spring Tour

NAPALM DEATH have issued a proper statement regarding the fate of their planned spring North American tour that was originally set to be underway this month with Aborted, Tombs and more. According to the band, the run has officially been cancelled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than having been postponed. They commented:

“Hi everybody,

We have been having a few enquiries via the Napalm Death channels about ticket refunds for currently scheduled gig dates – specifically in North America. There’s nothing we can directly do in terms of being able to action those, but at the same time of course we’re not a band to turn a blind eye when people need to know.

Basically we have made enquiries with our North American booker and he assures us that all currently sc...

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NERVOSA – Two Band Members Quit

Brazilian thrash act NERVOSA (Napalm Records) have announced the departure of both bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto. Guitarist Prika Amaral vows to continue on with new members.

A statement from Amaral reads as follows:

“Despite all the rumours Nervosa will continue!

“Fernanda and Luana are no longer part of Nervosa, they decided to leave the band. There are many reasons and each one of us has their own but since 2 years Nervosa has not been the same and we were all trying to keep the band alive, each of us doing their best, without exceptions. We want to give the best to our fans and that is simply not possible anymore!

“Nervosa would like to thank everybody that were a part of the band for the dedication and wishes the best of luck!

“Please sta...

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