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DUNE SEA – Premiere New Track

Norwegian psychedelic stoner rock group trio DUNE SEA have unveiled another track from their self-titled debut album, just a few days before its release this Friday, May 3rd on All Good Clean Records.

Titled “Pentobarbital And Ethanol”, this new track is now playing at Echoes and Dust here.

Previous single and title is still streaming at The Obelisk at this location, while leading single “Cosmic Playground” can be heard via The Sludgelord here. Recorded and produced by Dune Sea in Trondheim, mastered by Rhys Marsh at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, the album sees the Norwegian trio comprised of guitarist/vocalist Ole Nogva, bassist Petter Solvik Dahle and drummer Erik Bråten combining a groovy stoner rock sound with elements of psychedelic rock, space rock and shoegaze thro...

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RED RAZOR – Debut New Single

RED RAZOR presents their new single “Born in South America”, a song that besides the traditional thrash metal that’s usually their style, also brings some new influences like death metal, surf music and brazilian traditional rhythms. 

The lyrics are about their continent’s history and politics and it’s inspired by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano, whose book “Open Veins of Latin America” tells the tale of five centuries of pillage and exploitation of the region. 

The song will be included in the band’s second full length, to be released next july. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexei Leão at AML Studio in Florianópolis, Brazil and the artwork was done by Marcelo Dod.

A Red Razor vem apresentar o single “Born in South America”, música que além do Thrash, estilo ...

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DEITUS – “Via Dolorosa” Vinyl Reissue

DEITUS’ sophomore album originally saw the light of day late 2018 on CD format through I, Voidhanger Records and on cassette via Dawnbreed Records. The latter now issues a limited run on vinyl in cooperation with Vinyl Compvlsion. This gem made available on pitch black as well as ceremonial white wax. 90 and 190 copies respectively. Release date is set for 10th May 2019.

The London-based three-piece can be considered as one of the leaders of a new generation of black metal. Already impressing with the 2016 debut “Acta Non Verba” they refined their compositional skills on “Via Dolorosa”. Heavily rooted in the tradition of grim black metal DEITUS don’t shy away from using sinister melodies reminding of acts like Dissection...

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SEPULTURA – Issue Band Statement

Despite their best efforts, SEPULTURA’s planned show for April 28th, in Beirut, Lebanon didn’t take place. The band were barred from playing after being accused by Lebanese authorities of ‘devil worshiping’ and ‘insulting Christianity’. Also at issue was the band’s 1993 music video for their track “Territory“, which featured scenes filmed in both Israel and Palestine.

The group have now commented on the matter, issuing the following statement along with word of an upcoming livestreamed show dedicated to those who had planned to attend their Beirut date.

“On behalf of Sepultura and staff, we would like to express to our public in Beirut our deep dissatisfaction with the situation to which we were submitted by the general security office which resulted in the can...

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BLOODBATH – Guitarist Quits Band

Joakim Karlsson, guitarist of Swedish death metal act, BLOODBATH, has announced his departure from the band via the following statement:

“I am putting away my Bloodbath vest for good.

“To be honest, I’ve never really considered myself a guitarist – at least not a particularly good one – just someone who plays guitar out of necessity because I wouldn’t be able to write my music otherwise. Bloodbath needs a lead guitarist; someone who can pull off these fast, evil solos and whatnot, and to be completely honest, that guy simply isn’t me. Bloodbath needs someone who can do it justice.

“I have had pretty much only good moments with the band, and I’m glad to have been a part of it for the last year and a half, but now I’ll do other things...

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RINGWORM – Streaming New Album

RINGWORM are streaming their new album “Death Becomes My Voice” in full ahead of its official release this Friday, May 03rd. The band also have the following release shows booked for it:

05/03 Mansfield, OH – Belcher’s House of Rock
05/04 Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
05/05 Cleveland, OH – The Phantasy Nightclub

Ever since emerging from the Cleveland metal underground, RINGWORM has garnered the immediate attention of hardcore and metal fans. RINGWORM displays an awesome ferocity in the power of its instruments, and vocalist The Human Furnace uses his voice as a tool to extract the diabolical nature of anyone who hears it...

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VADER – Debut New Song

Polish extreme metal veterans VADER are set to release their new EP titled Thy Messenger on May 31st this year. Today, the band have revealed the lyric video for new track and digital single “Grand Deceiver.”

Check it out above.

The band states: “We are so excited to give you a new Vader song from our fresh record! ‘Grand Deceiver’ is the opening track on Thy Messenger EP and perfect explanation of what you all may expect with the upcoming releases. Sharp as razor and brutal as Hell track is just an appetizer before the new Vader album to come. Chris of Nuclear Blast created this brilliant lyric-video clip, which you can watch while waiting for Thy Messenger. Sit comfortably, play it loud and enjoy!”

Thy Messenger track listing:

01. Grand Deceiver
02. Litany
03. Emptiness

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Legendary rock journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, made a new appearance on the Titus Frost show. Rocket discusses the “frame job” done to Charlie Manson, the Nazi Black Sun and the Attack of The Lizard People!

Check out Titus Frost Show 86 – Does DNA Contain Memories? MK Ultra, Manson Murders Revisited and more!!

When you’re this BAD… why be GOOD?

Randy “Rocket” Cody created TMD site back in 2005 on Myspace and then launched the official site for TMD with ex-partner Eddie Karam in 2006. To date, Rocket’s news reporting has amassed hundreds of millions of views, with readers in over 100 countries.

Whether it be hard hitting investigative dissertations, in depth interviews and reviews, Rocket’s fearless writing stands alone today, having earned the tag: “The Most Dangerous R...

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DESTRUCTION – Release New Album Teaser

German thrashers, DESTRUCTION, have announced their upcoming 15th studio album, Born To Perish. The album will be released on August 9th, 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

Born To Perish was recorded in January and February 2019 with VO Pulver at Little Creek Studios in Switzerland and is the first Destruction album featuring Randy Black on the drums and new second guitar shredder Damir Eskic.

Check out the above short teaser and listen to the very first snippets of the upcoming album.

Randy comments: “I’ve recorded quite a few thrash records over the years but never have I laid down drum tracks this intense, brutal and dynamic...

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HEATHE – Streaming New Album In Its Entirety

Denmark’s doom/black-metal group HEATHE are now streaming their entire debut album “On The Tombstones, The Symbols Engraved”, more than three weeks ahead of its official release on May 16th via Wolves And Vibrancy Records.

The album is now playing in its entirety at No Clean Singing, who commented “The performers unite to create a vision of world-ending calamity through earth-splitting detonations of power and soaring, celestial evanescence. In this dramatic crescendo the experience is heavy enough to loosen the fillings in your teeth, and wondrous enough to spawn waking dreams of spellbinding magnificence.”

Check it out now here.

Heathe is a project born in Aalborg, Denmark, with a core of one single person and an ever changing line-up.

Taking its starting point in ...

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