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TMD’s Short List For Zakk Wylde’s Replacement In Ozzy!


Amid all the ongoing drama between Ozzy and Zakk Wylde right now, TMD has decided to take it upon ourselves to offer up our short list of the top ten guitarists we think would be perfect replacements for the bearded Viking biker bully:

TMD’s Short List For Zakk Wylde’s Replacement In OZZY:

1. George Lynch (Actually tried out for Ozzy twice!)
2. Ace Frehley (He’s solo right now, and killing it!)
3. Alexi Laiho (It’s time for him to step up to the Randy Rhoads/guitar hero claims!!)
4. Dweezil Zappa
5. Jake E. Lee
6. Michael Angelo Batio (stop posing for so many pictures and bring it!)
7. Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big ain’t cutting it, bro… but your new solo CD rips!)
8. Buckethead (It could work!)
9. Jerry Cantrell (Put Alice In Chains to rest and get with OZZ!)
10. Alex Skolnick (...

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Listen To ACE FREHLEY’s New Single “Outer Space”


For the first time in nearly 20 years, legendary guitarist ACE FREHLEY has emerged to add a new exclamation point to his celebrated solo career. Scheduled for liftoff on September 15th, the original KISS guitarist’s fifth solo album, “Anomaly”, will be released on his own Bronx Born Records, with Rocket Science providing a full label service platform. Frehley, a long time Gibson artist, will launch his second Gibson Ace Frehley Signature Les Paul guitar with the musical instrument giant later this year. His first signature Gibson guitar (in 1997) was one of the best selling signature models of all time.

One of the most beloved personalities in rock ‘n’ roll, Frehley’s the man behind not only KISS’ iconic logo, but the all-time stadium anthem ‘New York Groove’.

From the thund...

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Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) death metallers ZEUS have unleashed a self-titled, self-released (DIY) demo recording of 12 hard-hitting death/grindcore metal tracks that definitely showcases quickly developing songwriting talent and brutally good musicianship among its players, led by Sam on guitar, Richard on drums, Brennon handling the screams, along with Deucey on bass and Adam on rhythm guitar.

From the devastatingly moshing metal/punk sound of “The Great Mechanical Pig”, to the even more death embraced “Bullet Proof Fridge” and completely riveting blast beat rage of “What in Tarnation’s a Skyscraper?”, any fan of Cannibal Corpse and Anal Cunt will surely love Zeus...

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ZAKK WYLDE To OZZY: “Where I Come From, I Swear To Christ We Snap Muthafuckers Necks And Beat The Living Fuck Out Of People!”


Well, it looks like ole braided Viking beard has now officially cashed his last meal ticket as lead guitarist for the Prince of Darkness! Zakk Wylde just went apeshit during a recent phone interview, in concern with the actual status of his place in Ozzy Osbourne’s band, by finally admitting that he has not been in touch with Ozz since the legendary BLACK SABBATH vocalist made a statement recently about his search for a new guitarist. During his expletive filled onslaught, Wylde raged:

“Where I come from, the bottom line is… shit like this that goes down, I swear to Christ we snap muthafuckers necks and we beat the living fuck out of people. It ain‘t cool!”

Listen to the conversation here. It is utterly mind blowing!

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ROCKET RANT: Marilyn Manson And His Threat To The Media!


ROCKET RANT: Marilyn Manson

And His Threat To The Media!


Let me first say that I had retired my rants a couple years ago, for I found
there’s just so many more important things, I , as a rock journalist, could be
spending my time on, but now the cocaine-using to the brim and
highly delusional shock rocker – who is on one serious downward spiral (mainly
in record sales), going by the name of Marilyn Manson aka
Brian Hugh Warner of Canton, Ohio, has earned “Shit Head of The Year
Award” in my book, by issuing the following threat to all journalists
in the media: “If we need a nude photo of me to prove that I am far different
than the soon-to-be-murdered-in-their-home press has decided to fabricate,
that is easy. But if one more ‘journalist’ makes a cavalier statement about
me a...

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Sebastian Bach To Make Beautiful Music With John 5


Ex-SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach has issued the following update:

“Just got off the phone with (guitarist) JOHN 5. We are going to write and record more tunes in August. He is fired up to help with my new record! I am stoked!”

Bach goes on to say, “Had a great heartfelt talk with the one and only JOHNNY CHROMATIC. He says he has a bunch of tunes that are better than ‘Stuck Inside’. We shall see.”

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HEXEN – To Play “Masters Of Disaster” Show August 1st


Veteran California (USA) thrash act HeXeN would like to introduce you to the “Masters Of Disaster” show:

Saturday, August 1st

Here is the lineup:

Nuclear Age
Hell Command
Bonded by Blood

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Departed HELLYEAH Bassist On Recent Hospital Visit: “Poked, Prodded And Shot Up With Stuff!”


Former HELLYEAH bassist, Jerry Montano, has seen his fair share of controversy in the past three years, perhaps more than any other bass player in recent rock history. And he even now self-proclaims himself (according to his very own Twitter account) as: “Enemy #1, the bass player they love to hate!”

If you recall, back on May 20th, 2007, learned from a source very close to HELLYEAH band that the bassist allegedly made a death threat the night he was ousted from the super group featuring PANTERA great Vinnie Paul Abbott, during the night of April 10th, 2007 during HELLYEAH’s debut CD-release party at The Clubhouse in Dallas, Texas, for what definitely turned into one chaotic and downright disturbing celebration according to this source...

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MORBID ANGEL – “Blessed Are The Sick” DualDisc Format Out Now In Europe!


“Blessed Are The Sick”, the seminal death metal classic from Floridian legends MORBID ANGEL is out now in Europe on limited edition DualDisc format.

MORBID ANGEL’s second album, “Blessed Are The Sick” was originally released in 1991 and is widely regarded as one of the most important death metal releases of all time. The album is now available on DualDisc format, with the classic album on one side of the disc and an exclusive bonus DVD on the other side, and comes housed in a deluxe, multi-panel digipak.

The DVD side of the disc features a brand new, exclusive hour-long documentary featuring interviews with the band, including vocalist and bassist DAVID VINCENT, as well as legendary producer TOM MORRIS...

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MEGADETH’s Dave Mustaine To Have Surgery On His Neck


Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH has issued the following statement, in concern with his plans to move
forward on having neck surgery:


When you love someone or something so much that it actually starts to hurt you, yet you continue to stay in a relationship, or in a circumstance, or in a situation where you start to do damage to yourself and other.

Well, I have been working with a very badly damaged neck and the few lower vertebrae, right beneath my neck in-between my shoulders is damaged too.

What I have currently injured, and am requiring the start of what could be a very quick and painless procedure. I would work my ass off to heal again, like I did with my arm injury, and should be back in the saddle in no time.

I will have to get a much more complicated procedure done, between...

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